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Here is a complete list of HTC 10 tips, tricks, tutorials and guides that show you how to root and unlock the device, and teaching you the software too.

HTC 10: How to Change Icon Packs

If you're bored of the current icons you have on your Home Screen, then follow these steps to change to another set of HTC 10 Icon Packs.

HTC 10: How to Boot into Fastboot Mode

Today I'm going to show you how to boot into the HTC 10 Fastboot mode, which is also referred to as the HTC 10 Bootloader Mode as well.

HTC 10: How to Change the Font

Along with changing the icon pack for various themes, the HTC 10 also has a way for you to change the Font and you can follow these steps to...

HTC 10: How to Boot into Recovery Mode

Yet another special boot mode is the HTC 10 Recovery Mode and today I'm going to walk you through the process on how to get there.

HTC 10: How to Change the Color Profile

The HTC 10 gives you the option to choose from a saturated color profile, or an sRGB color profile, and it also lets you adjust the color temperature.

HTC 10: Double Tap to Wake and Sleep

The HTC 10 has the ability to double tap the screen to wake it and to put it to sleep, but you might not know you can turn this...

HTC 10: How to Factory Reset

You can follow these steps outlined below if you need to perform a soft factory reset, or a hard factory reset on the HTC 10.

HTC 10: Keep Navigation Button Backlight On

The HTC 10 only temporarily lights the Back and Recents keys, but today I'm going to show you how to keep the navigation button backlight on.

HTC 10: How to Unlock the Bootloader

Follow the steps detailed below to learn how to unlock the HTC 10 bootloader via the official HTC Dev method. OEMs and...

HTC 10: How to Turn Off the Navigation Button Backlight

You can follow these steps below to completely turn off and disable the backlight on the HTC 10 navigation buttons, but it does require root access.