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Tutorials for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6: Fix Battery Drain

Samsung did a lot right with the Galaxy S6 but some people are having trouble with the battery life. Let's look at a few ways that you can get this...

Galaxy S6: How to Clean and Disinfect

You may wash your hands multiple times per day, but how often do you wash your phone? Let's see how you can clean and disinfect the Galaxy S6 and...

Galaxy S6: How to Clear App Cache and App Data

Every now and then an application can cause some trouble so let's talk about how to clear the cache and data of an application on the Galaxy S6 and...

Galaxy S6: How to Revert to Stock

If you have done some bad mods, or maybe you just had an OTA update go wrong, let's talk about what we need to revert the Galaxy S6 to...

Galaxy S6: Pie Controls

Not everyone likes hardware buttons and not everyone likes software buttons on the screen. So let's see how we can enable pie controls on the Galaxy S6.
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Galaxy S6: Enable Software Navigation Buttons

I just finished a tutorial about how to disable the capacitive buttons on the Galaxy S6 and now I want to show you how to enable software navigation buttons.

Galaxy S6: How to Disable the Capacitive Buttons

Not everyone likes that Samsung uses hardware buttons on their phones so let's talk about how we can disable these buttons on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Galaxy S6: How to Change Themes

Samsung introduced a nifty little theme feature with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and today I'm going to show you how to change between downloaded themes.

Galaxy S6: How to Install an Icon Pack

Samsung might have themes, but what about changing the icons? Let's take a look at how you can install an icon pack on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6...

Galaxy S6: How to Hide Battery Percentage from the Status Bar

If you're tired of having your status bar cluttered then follow these steps if you want to hide the battery percentage from the status bar.