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Redmi Gaming Phone

Here are the leak details about the upcoming Redmi Gaming Phone

Xiaomi’s offshoot Redmi Gaming Phone will be launching later this month from leaked sources. There were many rumors about the details of this upcoming...
Great Technological Advancements

Great Technological Advancements in Gaming

From playing 2D arcade games like the Snake to playing Call of Duty: Warzone, technology has transformed immensely over the years. Now, you can...
Xbox Error 0x80a4001a

How to fix Xbox Error 0x80a4001a [Guide 2020]

Xbox provides users with a range of games that users can choose from. Xbox is compatible with most devices and can be connected online...
Should you buy PS5 at Launch

Sony Boasts About All-Clear PlayStation 5 Sales, Working on More Units

While we see that PlayStation 5 is garnering enough craze outside, we haven't heard that officially from Sony yet. But lately, Jim Ryan, CEO...
PUBG Mobile May Soon be Coming Back to India

Report: PUBG Mobile May Soon be Coming Back to India

Filling the community with rejoice, the popular battle royal game, PUBG Mobile could soon come back in India. This was hinted by a recent...

Qualcomm is developing its own Gaming Phone in a partnership with ASUS

A report published by the Digitimes states that Qualcomm has partnered with ASUS to launch its own gaming phone. This gaming phone will be...
Apex legend Wraith knife

How to have access to Apex Legend Wraith Knife

Apex Legend is the most popular action games available for Game lovers. It is a battle Royale game that enables users to combat their...
how to play your Xbox on your phone

How to Play Xbox Games on Your Android Device (2020)

Playing Xbox games is definitely more fun when played on a screen and is also more user-friendly. But it also has a drawback as...
change Nat type for PS4

How to change Nat type for PS4 with quick guide

Sometimes when you are playing online you might find that you are often disconnected from online gaming. PS4 and PS3 have been known to...
Fly in Apex Legend

How to Fly in Apex Legend: Complete Guide 2020

Apex Legend is a game available to many at their convenience. There are many options that the players can apply to get the most...