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Here in the Apple HowTo Sub-Category you”ll find solutions here for faulty Apple electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

How to get rid of screen time

How To Turn Off Screen Time Without Password

The Apple operating system includes a built-in screen time feature for all of it's products, including the iPhone, MAC and iPad. Users can keep an eye on how often they use...
How to change screen time passcode

How To Fix: Screen Time Passcode Not Working

Screen Time is a new feature that debuted with iOS 12. You can manage how much time you spend using your iPhone or iPad with Screen Time. This function is very...
iPhone Notifications Not Working on iOS 15

How to Fix iPhone Notifications Not Working on iOS 15

Apple introduced a number of improvements and additional features with the latest iOS 15 update, but there also seem to be some bugs or issues. Many iOS 15 users are complaining...
How to change settings on AirPods

How To Change Airpods Settings?

You can get the most out of your AirPods by customizing them. However, if you are wondering how to customize your AirPods or how to change the settings on your AirPods,...
How To Connect Airpods To PS5

How To Connect Airpods To PS5? (Step-By-Step Guide)

You can connect your Apple wireless headphones to the latest PlayStation 5 console that you have. All you need to have is an extra Bluetooth adaptor with proper specs. In short,...
Apple TV+ May Stream Certain NBA Games from 2024

Apple TV+ May Stream Certain NBA Games from 2024

Apple is reportedly bidding for streaming rights to some of the carved-out packages of NBA - for it's Apple TV+ in 2024. This is alongside another strong competitor - Amazon for it's...
How To Connect Xbox Controller To Mac

How To Connect Xbox Controller To Mac

It's not always simple to play video games on a Mac. Not all games are compatible with Macs. Macs often have inferior graphical power, making it difficult to connect your preferred...
How To Downgrade From iOS 16 To 15

How To Downgrade From iOS 16 To 15?

Whenever Apple comes with a new version of the iOS, iPad OS and Mac OS, they come with tons of new features. Apple lovers usually want to know about the new...
How To Unblock a Number On iPhone

How To Unblock Numbers On iPhone

On an iPhone, blocking spam calls and messages is simple. There isn't a situation where you would want to tolerate that kind of behavior. What happens, though, if the offender turns...
How to enable Facetime Photos

FaceTime Photos Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Apple users have been facing some kind of privacy-related issues with the FaceTime's Live Photos feature. Because of that, Apple previously deleted this feature on iOS version 12.1.1. The feature also...