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Here in the Apple HowTo Sub-Category you”ll find solutions here for faulty Apple electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

iPhone 15 Series to Have Two Different USB-C Ports

iPhone 15 Series to Have Two Different USB-C Ports

According to an analyst, Apple's next-generation smartphone - the iPhone 15 series, is set to come with two different USB-C ports. More specifically, the standard and Plus variants of the iPhone 15...
Apple to Put Ads in Maps, Books and Podcasts Soon

Apple to Procure Chips for it’s Future iPhones from TSMC Arizona Plant

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that they will source at least some of the chips - for their future products - from TSMC's Arizona plant. While this plant is still under...
Apple Released New Firmware Updates to AirTags and AirPods

Apple Released New Updates for AirTags and AirPods

Apple has released new updates for it's AirTags and several older models of AirPods recently, that bumps the firmware version to their latest. While it's unknown what features the company has cooked...
Fix Spotify Now Playing Not Working

Spotify’s App for Apple Watch Gets New Artwork and Features

Spotify has revamped it's app for Apple Watch, which now has larger animations, new artwork, and an improved streaming experience. It's now easy to browse and choose your favorite music while also...
How To Check If Someone Blocked You on iMessage

How To Check If Someone Blocked Your Number On iMessage

Getting blocked by someone on iMessage is the worst! Because then you have no clue whether that person has actually blocked you or not. iMessage is fun, and many people use...

Twitter Blue subscription increases to $7.99 and starts rolling for iOS users

Twitter Blue subscriptions increase to $7.99 as the new plan starts rolling to iOS users with the new update. Elon Musk, the new owner of the platform has been promoting the...
How To Turn Off Screen Time Without A Passcode

How To Turn Off Screen Time Without A Passcode

If you are a strict parent and don't want your kids to use iOS devices for too long, then screen time is the best solution for all your worries. iOS devices...
receive unwanted group texts

Best Solutions to not receive Unwanted Group Texts

Receiving unwanted Group texts on a Mobile device? Group texts are one of the most annoying and frustrating features ever invented but they are helpful as well. In some cases, it’s...
How To Keep AirPods Pro From Falling out

How To Keep AirPods Pro From Falling out

Do you prefer the look, feel, and sound of your AirPods but facing trouble from them falling out? Instead of creating a product that can accept various size tips for different...
How To Make A Video With A Live Photo 1

How To Make A Video With A Live Photo

Getting your perfect shot is now made easy with live photos by Apple. These live photos are the photos on steroids. They help bring your photos to life by turning these...