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Here in the Apple HowTo Sub-Category you”ll find solutions here for faulty Apple electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

picture in picture mode

How to turn on Picture in Picture mode for YouTube on iPhone?

With iOS 14 Apple started offering a picture in picture mode for the video streaming sites. Many services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV already started offering picture in picture...
Use Visual Look Up in iOS 15

How to use Visual Look Up in iOS 15?

iOS provides innumerable beneficial features for all of us. One of the most important characteristics that all of us are thankful for is Visual Look Up. It makes our search of...
Add Shortcuts to Apple Watch

How to add Shortcuts to Apple Watch

The Shortcuts App on the Apple Watch is extremely helpful as it quickly triggers tasks with just a touch. All shortcuts present in your iPhone are compatible with the Apple Watch,...

WhatsApp will soon let iOS users transcribe voice messages

WhatsApp will soon let iOS users transcribe voice messages as the transcription feature is under testing. The app is testing the feature for iOS users currently but Android will also get...
Fix Server Error on Dexcom App

How To Fix Server Error on Dexcom App (iOS and Android)

To use the Dexcom app on an iOS or Android device, you need a Bluetooth connection. But many users are experiencing errors and bugs while on the companion application, and they...
Facetime Watch party

How to Watch Movies and TV Shows Together Using Facetime

Apple has introduced many new features in FaceTime. The highlighted advancements are its revamped design, new functionality to make FaceTime calls from iPhone to Android, and SmartPlay feature for watching movies...
Hide My Email feature

iOS 15: How to Use Hide My Email

The amount of spam emails has been steadily increasing over days. Hide My Email is a fantastic new feature from Apple that protects consumers from fraudulent emails. Apple has introduced many...
Change Google Assistant Voice and Language

How to Change Google Assistant Voice and Language on Android and iOS

Google Assistant was launched with only one voice and language, a female voice with an American English accent. But, Google has made some advancements and expanded the assistant to contain multiple...
Automatically Delete Old Text Messages

How to Automatically Delete Old Text Messages (SMS) on Android and iOS?

Most of us check text messages haphazardly on our smartphones without even bothering to delete the old and unwanted text messages. What happens next? The messages keep piling up in our...
Share Whatever's On Your Screen Using Siri

iOS 15: How to Share Whatever’s On Your Screen Using Siri

Apple's iOS 15 brings a barrage of fantastic updates and features for Apple devices. Interestingly enough, we also see Siri getting her fair share of cool upgrades that vastly improved Apple's...