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Here in the Apple HowTo Sub-Category you”ll find solutions here for faulty Apple electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

Mac's Audio Volume

How to Make Fine-Tuned Adjustments to Your Mac’s Audio Volume

You may think that adjusting the volume on Mac is easy, but there are features that you may not know about some features that are helpful to make your life even...
Clean iPhone Charging Port

How To Clean an Iphone’s Charging Port Without Breaking it?

iPhone has an excellent reputation, and users are assured of having a smartphone that lasts for a long time. However, the longer you use it, its port can eventually wear off...
How To Force Quit iPad Apps

How To Close Or Force Quit iPad Apps

There are situations when an app gets stuck on a screen, freezes, misbehaves, does not work as intended, and stops responding. Force quitting the app on your iPhone or iPad resolves...
Reset A Locked iPhone Without a Computer

How To Reset A Locked iPhone Without A Computer

iPhone is used by every other person today. iPhone comes with great security. Your data is secured as long as you have kept a strong password for your iPhone. But what...
Recover Deleted Messages On iPhone

How To Recover Deleted Messages On iPhone

Mobile phone is now one of the basic necessities of life. One of the most important and commonly used apps on any phone is the messaging app. We get several messages...
Apple iPhone Shipment

Apple sold most smartphones in Q4 beating Samsung and others

Apple sold the most smartphones worldwide in Q4 in 2021 according to research firm Canalys. Apple took first place in the list of global smartphone vendors in Q4 with a 22...
Apple MacBook

Apple recorded massive growth in MacBook sales in 2021

Apple has recorded a massive growth in sales in 2021 by selling MacBook with M1 chip, canalys reported. As per Windows Central, the global PC market witnessed massive growth in 2021....
Safari Browser

Safari browser new bug can leak your personal information and browsing history

A new bug found in the Safari browser can leak your personal information including Google account details and recent browsing history as per the finding by FingerprintJS (via 9to5mac). The bug...
iPhone 14

First look: iPhone 14 Pro tipped to come with “Holl + Pill” Display

We are still far away from the launch of this year’s iPhone 14 but still, there are many rumors occurring about the upcoming iPhone 14 series. The most we have heard...
How To Back Up Your iPhone

How To Back Up Your iPhone — And Why You’d Want To

Backing up your phone is pretty necessary because backups can save you when your device malfunction or get lost/stolen, etc. This doesn't mean that you must always think about backing up,...