You may wash your hands multiple times per day, but how often do you wash your phone? Let’s see how you can clean and disinfect the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Studies have shown that most of us don’t let our smartphones out of arm’s reach of ourselves at any given moment of the day. This device has become such a personal extension of us that it has truly changed the way some of us live our lives. The smartphone is always on us and some people are checking notifications a dozen times every single hour.

We’ve gotten into the habit of washing out hands to stay clean but how often do you wash your Galaxy S6?

Even if you wash your hands often, it can still pick up germs and bacteria from people who you let use it, from the surfaces that you put it down on and even from your pocket or purse where it sits for most of the day. It’s easy for us to wash our hands but not very many phones are water-resistant and even if it is, some people are worried about letting water and soap run all over our phones. So let’s talk about a few products that you can use to keep your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge clean throughout the day.

Wipes and Sanitizers

At the top of the list, and something that I personally use, is wipes and sanitizers. I have been using these Clorox wipes on my phones and tablets for a few years now simply because they are so readily available to me. I keep a container of these in my bathroom and in my kitchen as I have truly become spoiled by how quick and easy they are to use. I also have some hand sanitizer around at all times and this is something else that can be used to clean the Galaxy S6.

However, I must warn you that alcohol-based cleaning products can strip away the Oleophobic coating that manufacturers put on our smartphones. This simply means that your device can get fingerprints more easily when this coating has been removed but it’s something that deteriorates over time anyways. I personally stick with the Clorox wipes unless I am in a pinch and they cost as little as 4 cents per wipe when you buy them in a bundle on Amazon.

Smartphone Wipes

Now, if you want to go for something designed specifically for smartphones then you can do this as well. These smrtWIPES have been created specifically with smartphones in mind and they shouldn’t remove the Oleophobic coating that was mentioned above. The manufacturer says they remove gunk, smudges, grime,filth, dirt, crud, make up and facial oil and since they are not dripping wet, the cleaning solution won’t seep inside your Galaxy S6 and damage the internal components. These are a little bit more expensive though and they’ll run you $9.95 for 30 wipes on Amazon.


The last thing that I wanted to mention is a little product called PhoneSoap. This actually isn’t a cleaning solution at all and it has very little to do with soap at all. So instead of cleaning your smartphone with cleaning solution, PhoneSoap will clean your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge with UV-C rays. The makers of PhoneSoap say that it takes as little as 5 minutes to completely disinfect your smartphone but they also come with a little charging cable attachment so that you can disinfect it overnight while you let it charge. This is a really unique product but it costs a little more on Amazon.

Let me know what you think of these three products and tell me what you use to clean and disinfect your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.


  1. the last one is pretty interesting… and the insight about the coating on the screen confirmed my suspicion that my S6 was too susceptible to finger prints lately even though when i first got it it was really good as staying clean looking :(, but that was before using hand sanitizer to rub over it a little as a makeshift way of cleaning it lol


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