To make it easier on your eyes when using the Galaxy S8 Night Mode feature is easy to turn on, but it’s labeled as Blue Light Filter in the Settings app.

Blue Light Filters have been popular for those who use a computer a lot for a while. There’s a lot of research and studies that suggest when your eyes see more of a certain color, it keeps your body more awake than it should be. This isn’t a big deal during the day but at night it has been shown to make it harder for certain people to fall asleep properly.

So reducing this certain color at night time is something that can prevent you from unwinding at the end of the day.

This didn’t used to be a problem because there still aren’t that many people who sit in front of a computer all day. But as more people are using smartphones all day long, people have been noticing this more and more. Not only can it impact your sleep pattern, but it also causes strain on your eyes. You can see this in effect after you have used a Blue Light Filter for 30-45 minutes and then turn it off. You’ll feel the strain instantly hit your eyes.

So let me show you how to enable, disable, and schedule the Galaxy S8 Night Mode (which is what many people call the Blue Light Filter) feature.

Galaxy S8 Night Mode

  1. Launch the Settings application
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Display option
  3. Tap on the Blue Light Filter option
  4. Either turn it on, or schedule it to be turned on at a certain time
  5. And adjust the strength of the filter by moving the Opacity slider (optional)


So again, if you’re not familiar with how a Blue Light Filter can benefit you, I definitely recommend that you do a little bit of research on Google to read up on it. I understand how it can be jarring at first and I wish the Galaxy S8 had a way to slowly ramp up the strength of it as you get closer to sunset. This is how f.lux does it on the desktop PC and that actually makes it less jarring. At the very least, you can use it when you’re in bed and the screen brightness is too high.

No matter what you end up using it for, the Galaxy S8 Night Mode feature is incredibly useful and I like that Samsung added in a way to schedule when to turn it on and off. So to start, you’ll just want to launch the Settings application and then scroll down a bit until you see the Display option. Once you tap that, you should see the Blue Light Filter option toward the top of the screen. There’s even a simple toggle on the right side so you can turn it on or turn it off.

Galaxy S8 Night Mode Schedule
You can choose to turn it on or off right now, as well as set the feature to a certain schedule.

However, if you actually tap on the text for the Blue Light Filter option, this is where you can customize the feature a bit more. There’s still a simple toggle in there that lets you enable or disable the feature, but there’s also a way for you to set it to a schedule. So you can choose which time you want the Blue Light Filter to be enabled, and then another time for when you want it to be disabled. And you can even set it to your sunrise/sunset time if you have Location services enabled.

Once you have Night Mode enabled on the Galaxy S8, you will gain access to the Opacity slider at the top of the screen here. This lets you move it to the right to increase the intensity and strength of the Blue Light Filter (which a lot of people enjoy). Or, you can move the slider to the left and it will reduce the strength and intensity of the filter. It’s all up to your own personal preference. I will tell you though, that your eyes get used to the filter after a while so try not to lower it too much.


  1. My phone is like a yellow like if I turned blue light filter on but when I turn blue light filter on it makes it darker but when I turn it off my phone is still kinds yellow


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