How Contactless Attendance System Helping Post Lockdown

The entire world is under a pandemic situation where most of the countries were under severe lockdown for the longest period. To revive the economical system administrative bodies are opening up the vital sectors, following all the COVID-19 norms. But admins still have the fear of, what will happen if any of their employees get infected by the dreadful virus? To eliminate all chances of infection most of the enterprises are implementing contactless attendance system within their premises facilitating social distancing and zero-touch protocols in an efficient manner. The one-time saviour biometric devices are now a thing of the past and are being replaced with RFID scanners, facial recognition systems and GPS enabled tracking systems are the current market favourites.

Benefits of contactless attendance management system in the present scenario

How Contactless Attendance System Helping Post LockdownAs we all know that the coronavirus germ can last on any metal or plastic surface for a maximum of five days, offices with multiple staffs working together can become a breeding point for the disease if proper social distancing is not maintained. Contactless attendance management systems have become the need of the hour and also comes with a lot of benefits. Enterprises no longer need to appoint any human supervisor to monitor the attendance of individual employee as employees can manage all by themselves. Moreover, the modern contactless attendance system also comes equipped with features like mask detection and temperature checking module. Thus preventing any particular employee or visitor from entering the office premises, in case their temperature levels are not normal or they are not wearing a mask.

Types of contactless attendance management systems and their uses

As we have already discussed that the pandemic situation has eliminated the use of the most prominent and safe biometric attendance management device and has paved the way for contactless attendance management systems. Here we are going to discuss their types and how they are turning out to be beneficial for the enterprises, considering the current scenario.

1. Facial recognition system

Devices equipped with facial recognition technology scans the face of a particular employee from a distance and compares it with the information stored within its database, marking the individual employee present for the day. Thus facilitating contactless attendance tracking mechanism within the organization keeping in mind the present COVID-19 pandemic framework. It also enhances the safety levels within the organization, enabling the admins to track their visitors and deny access to the ones who might possess any kind of threat to the enterprise. Moreover, organizations also get to eliminate all chances of proxy attendance using the facial recognition system, facilitating proper rules and regulations within their premises.

2. RFID based attendance system

The RFID based attendance recording process includes an RFID scanner and a card with a unique RFID tag within it. The RFID technology automates the entire attendance recording procedure, facilitating social distancing and contactless attendance tracking within the office premises. Thus preventing the virus from spreading out. The best part about RFID technology is, admins and HRs can keep track of their employees whereabouts within the office premises and take necessary actions against the rule breakers in real-time.

3. GPS based attendance tracker

The GPS enabled attendance tracking mechanism uses the GPS coordinates of the employee’s device to make sure they are present for that day. Employees can mark themselves present from the dedicated mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Staff whether working from their homes, on the field or are coming to the office can mark themselves present in a contactless manner, maintaining proper social distance from their colleagues.

How Contactless Attendance System Helping Post Lockdown

Final Words

COVID-19 has massively effected the daily lives all around the globe. People have lost their loved ones, many have lost their jobs and many more are still finding it hard to accept the new normal. Between all this life is still going on and many have already started going back tor their work. Enterprises big or small are taking all kinds of proper safety measures to make sure their employees get to work within a healthy and hygienic office premise. Attendance management systems being a vital part of the organization, the offices are getting rid of the biometric fingerprint scanners and are installing contactless attendance systems. In case you were having doubt regarding the benefits of the particular we hope that the points mentioned within the article helped you out in clearing your mind.

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