block a LinkedIn user

LinkedIn is a platform that can be used to promote company brand to social media users. LinkedIn can be used to pass important messages to the outside world. In some instances, users may be interested in blocking some users. How to block a LinkedIn user? Blocked contacts have limited access to users profile details. There are many ways that users can block contacts.

block a LinkedIn user

When to block a LinkedIn user?

In some instances, users can encounter a user with irritating details. LinkedIn provides professional services that enable users to gain access to clients and employers. Users can use the block profile option to ensure the privacy of the account at any moment.

How to block LinkedIn users? Users can block a LinkedIn user from viewing profile details for many reasons. Once a contact has been blocked they will appear on the profile blocked / lost. When a user has been blocked a notification will be indicated. LinkedIn has a capacity of 50 users that can be blocked.

Services inaccessible when blocked

Access to each others profile on LinkedIn will be denied once and the account has been blocked from connections options. If the user is connected, the existing LinkedIn connection will get disconnected. Users will not see each other in their Who has Viewed their profile. Users have limited access to block a number in 48 hours. When a user has been blocked they can be unblocked.

How to Block a LinkedIn User

block a LinkedIn user

LinkedIn has introduced many features that enable users to access their account most conveniently. Users can block connections that they are not interested in accessing at any moment.

Step 1: Go to the LinkedIn profile of the user they want to block

Step 2: Move cursor over the down arrow next to the button in the top section of the member profile.

Step 3: Select block or Report next to the member’s name.

Step 4: Click continues to block members.

Step 5: On the next screen click Agree to confirm the changes to be made.

How to Unblock a LinkedIn User

Once a user has been blocked they can be unblocked. There are many ways that users can be unblocked. Like many other social networking sites, LinkedIn allows users to block unwanted members from their profile.

In addition, any endorsements that you may have given the blocked user would be removed. Users can use the method below to view members they have blocked.

Step 1: Sign in to the LinkedIn account using any browser of the device. LinkedIn application is more appropriate.

Step 2: On the Homepage navigate through to the option indicated Accounts and settings icon at the top right corner

Step 3: From the expanded list, click the review link representing Privacy and settings. If prompted, provide login details to access the details to the account.

Step 4: On the page, ensure that the profile tab is selected in the lower-left section

Step 5: From the right section, under the Privacy Controls section, click the Manage who is blocked link

On the next page under your blocked list section the user can view and manage the blocked people of preference.

What happens after Unblocking a user

Once a person is no longer featured on the block list, your account profile becomes unhidden for that person.

If an account is unblocked users are prevented from being automatically reconnected. Users can hide LinkedIn profile from non-members using the method provided below.

Step 1: Click your profile picture or Me Icon

Step 2: Click view profile option

Step 3: Go under the edit Visibility tab

Step 4: Toggle the switch to off

By doing so no one without a LinkedIn account may see the basic information on the profile. These include Name, connections, experience, headline and among others. The URL may pop up in search engines if someone searches the name of the account but cannot see personal information.

Manage professional account

LinkedIn is mainly used for professional services where users can upload their Resumes. Employers can view the account details and contact them. In such instances, users can ensure their privacy is attained. Users can use the method provided below.

Step 1: Click the “Me” icon.

Step 2: Select settings and privacy.

Step 3: Select who can see your connection.

Step 4: Click change.

Step 5: Select the Only “Me” option.

This prevents employer or coworkers from seeing who has recently been connected. These settings prevent people from knowing about contributions or mention of the user in certain blog posts that could affect access services.

On the settings and privacy page many other options that allow customizing the profile and notifications. You can even hide updated resumes from others.

Hide LinkedIn activity

If the user doesn’t want to stop all communication with a certain business or people on LinkedIn they can select block and hiding subsection on the privacy option. When someone follows the account an update will be provided.

Access Connections List

If the user still wants their profile and resume to be visible to recruiters outside the network, but can hide certain posts and updates. Changes may take up to 24 hours before they are fully effective.

Final Thoughts

Most social media platforms have their customized features that enable users to get the best services. Social media platforms enable users to access and run campaigns, personal information and other services. LinkedIn provides access to connections with influential people.

How to block a LinkedIn user? Blocking people is a common practice for someone who uses LinkedIn regularly. There are many reasons why users may want to block an account.

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