Find If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story

Instagram owned by Facebook is a one of the widely used and popular video and photo-sharing social media platform. It is an amazing platform to stay in touch with people who you admire, see their creative visual content and find things you are interested in. However, there might come a time when you would love to take a screenshot of a photo or story shared by someone you can see on your Instagram feed. While you enjoy the bookmark option from Instagram to bookmark a photo you like, taking a screenshot can be one of the easiest ways to view it in case you are out of network coverage or do not wish to log in to Instagram to view the bookmarked post. But there lies a common question among all Instagram users- does Instagram notify users who post pictures if someone else takes a screenshot of the same? This article aims at offering you an appropriate answer to this question ‘How to find if someone screenshots your Instagram story or post’. Take a look to learn more.

How to find if someone screenshots your Instagram story or post?

The answer to this is ‘No’. The social media platform Instagram does not notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your story or posts. But, it will notify users when someone takes a screenshot of the disappearing videos or photos that are sent to their direct message chat. However, it is important to keep in concern that in 2018, Instagram released an update that primarily notified users if someone took a screenshot of their photos or stories. However, this update was rolled out in just less than a month.

It clearly indicates that Instagram has built the ability to notify its users if anyone screenshots their stories promptly, and it is worth keeping in mind. Maybe someday later, Instagram can again think of reintroducing a feature similar to this to offer users some extra protection.

Also, remember that Instagram does not send any screenshot notification to you when someone screenshots any other section of the app like the profile picture or list of followers and more. And this is true in the case of screenshotting any part of your live video post.

Why go for screenshots when you can Bookmark Posts!

Instagram users can bookmark their favorite videos or photos posted by other users for ease of access in the future. Follow the steps to bookmark Instagram posts:

Visit the post you wish to bookmark and click on the bookmark icon.

This will save the post. Now, if you wish to save it to a particular collection, select the collection where you want to save the post or create a fresh one.

That is all! Now you can easily access the saved videos and images by clicking on the profile picture, followed by clicking on the menu icon available at the top right-hand corner, where you can see the section ‘Saved’.

But the glitch is that you can view these saved posts only if you enjoy a sound internet connection. Screenshots are the only option for viewing these bookmarked videos and images while you are out of network coverage.

Does Instagram send a notification to users when you take a screenshot of the DMs?

As mentioned above, Instagram does notify the users when someone takes a screenshot of the videos or photos sent via Direct Messaging option, but this is true if and only if the screenshot is taken for a disappearing video or photo message’. A disappearing message is a message that will be there in the chat for some specified time limit. And they disappear once the person who has received the message has viewed it. Since a disappearing message on Instagram is sent from the camera within the app’s DM option, Instagram is responsible for notifying the sender when a screenshot is taken. This is unlikely for other non-disappearing contents in your DMs like a text message.

 How do you receive notifications about a DM screenshot from Instagram?

Instagram social networking app sends a pop-up notification to the user’s mobile when someone takes s screenshot of their photo or video in the Direct message chat. And the best part is you will also get to see the username of the one who has taken the screenshot. You will also see a tiny indicator right by your photo in the DM if a screenshot has been taken. A small starburst icon appears next to the photo or video in case a disappearing photo or video is screenshotted.

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