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Amazon Fire Tablet is one of the most amazing devices and relatively inexpensive as compared to other tablets. One of the reasons why the Amazon Fire Tablet is pocket friendly is because it displays ads on the device’s lock screen. If you own an Amazon Fire Tablet, you will know that every day you come across a “special offer” ad displayed on the lock screen of your Amazon Fire Tablet. Along with the frustrating ads, another con of owning this tablet is the lack of apps. But, need not worry. You can easily remove ads from your Amazon Fire Tablet without the need to root your device.

Amazon Fire Tablet
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The guide below will explain how to remove ads from the lock screen of your Amazon Fire Tablet without rooting. The ads shown on the lock screen are not just special offers but recommendations for Movies, music, books and much more. These offers are very intriguing but after some time, these ads become too frustrating. Follow the guide below and help yourself to remove ads from Amazon Fire Tablet easily.

How to Remove Ads from Amazon Fire Tablet

Looking at constant ads while watching your favourite movie or reading your favourite book can be frustrating and annoying. Unfortunately, you cannot alter the device settings. But what you can do is, navigate to your Amazon Account and handle the problem from there itself.

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon Account.

Step 2: Click on the option labelled “Accounts & lists”.

Amazon Fire Tablet

Step 3: Then click on the “Account”.

Step 4: Now, go to “Your device and content”.

Amazon Fire Tablet

Step 5: Choose Manage Devices.

Amazon Fire Tablet

Step 6: Look for your registered Fire Tablet and click on it.

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Step 7: Under the section labelled “Special Offers”, select “Remove Offers”.

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Step 8: Click on “End offers and pay the fee”.

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This is what will be required to unsubscribe from receiving ads and Amazon will charge you another $15 plus taxes. Before you go ahead with this option, make sure to take a backup of your files and photos because you will have to do a factory reset.

There is no other “FREE” way to get rid of the ads on your lock screen. This amount is deducted from your amazon account. Once you have paid the fees, the ads are turned off and you will no longer see ads on your locked screen. You might have to wait for 24 hours for this change to reflect on your Amazon Fire Tablet.

Once you have paid the fees and disabled the special offers for your amazon profile, you will have to disable Recommendations from your Amazon Fire Tablet.

To do so, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Fire Tablet.

Step 2: Then click on the option labelled “Apps & Notifications”.

Step 3: Within “Apps and Notifications”, click on “Amazon App Settings”.

Step 4: Then, go ahead and click on Home Screen in the new window.

Step 5: Under the Home screen, turn off the Recommendations option and click on “Continue and Recommended Row”.

Once you have toggled off the recommendations, you will find that no ads are being shown on your Amazon Fire Tablet lock screen. One of the biggest advantages of paying was to get rid of the ads but there is another advantage as well. After Upgrading, it allows you to customize the lock screen. And to do so, see the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings, and click on the Lock Screen option.

Step 2: Then click on the option labelled as “Select a lock screen scene”.

Step 3: Then, go through the library the device offers for the available screens. You can also select one of your own by selecting the option, “choose a photo from the gallery”.

Step 4: Once you have selected a photo, confirm your selection.

In case you are interested in the scenes offered by the device, the default settings for the Amazon Fire Tablet will change them every day. However, you can disable this feature as well.


I hope this guide helped you in getting rid of the ads on your Amazon Fire Tablet. If it did, let us know in the comments section below.

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