unlock the Samsung S9 phone

Security has been a matter of concern for many users. Information in the field of financial, personal and any other area needs to remain private for the user. When the information falls in the wrong hands the user may find it hard to reverse the process. For this reason, many companies have ensured that the user can secure their information to avoid access to non-personnel. Samsung is just another company that ensures to provide password protection to smartphones for its users. However, sometimes we tend to forget the password and are left hanging. To know how to unlock the Samsung S9 phone forgot password, stay tuned!

In the more advanced security and passcode settings, it allows the user to use their fingerprint to secure information on the phone. Samsung S9 has enabled these features to be available to all accounts and the lock screen. The user can set up a password that is unique to the user.

In some instances, the user may set a complicated password and eventually forget the passcode indicated. These make the user have the challenge to access the phone at their convenience. You can unlock the Samsung S9 phone in several methods. The ways can be easy and some can be difficult to navigate through.

The user needs to be sure that the passcode has been forgotten. Samsung allows the user’s to set passwords with up to 8 digits. Ensure that the passwords that the user remembers have been tried before moving to the next precaution.

How to unlock the Samsung S9 phone forgot password

unlock the Samsung S9 phone

Unlock with smart lock

The smart lock is an android feature that lets the user specify certain conditions that are necessary for the customized lock screen. This feature is located in the Settings option under Security & locations. If one is required to input the current password to make changes to this feature then the user can choose five possible options to unlock Samsung S9 without a password.

The options include,

Step 1: On-body Detection

The phone senses that one is carrying the phone automatically. The phone stays unlocked while is on the person’s vicinity.

Step 2: Trusted places 

These feature uses the location of the user to unlock the phone when they are nearby an address that the user has selected. In case the password has been forgotten the user can move to the selected address.

Step 3: Trusted devices

When the phone is in close range with connected devices it stays unlocked. The user can move close to one of the devices once the password has been forgotten.

Step 4: Trusted face

The user can set the recognizable facial recognition. When the user forgets the passcode they can unlock the phone using their facial properties.

Step 5: Voice match 

Unlocks the phone when one uses a trusted voice. When the user forgets the passcode they can unlock the phone by using their voice to unlock the phone.

These methods work well when the user has set the options before the password has been forgotten or breached.

To unlock the Samsung S9 phone, the company offers many ways to reset the lock code if the user forgets the passwords to the phone.

Use of Old back up pin

Samsung S9 enables the user to use back up pins that are set during the setting of the current pin or password. After entering the password on the backup option. The user can type the pin code and click done to complete the operation.

The phone will direct the user to a Screen lock pattern to reset the lock screen pattern and passcode. Input the most convenient password that is easy to remember and hard for others to guess.

Find My Phone option

Samsung S9 offers a feature that lets the user to remotely manage devices if they are lost. One will need to be signed into the phone account on the smartphone that needs to be unlocked. To reset the phone passcode the user needs to

Step 1: Open Findmymobilephone.samsung.com on the computer.

Step 2: Log in with the Samsung account that is logged in to the phone that needs to be unlocked.

Step 3: Go to Unlock my phone option and follow the guiding instructions.

Step 4: The password will be provided on the phone where the user can use it to unlock the phone and use it at their convenience.

Crash the lock screen

This method is risky and not very convenient but in most cases works. To crash the lock screen the user can:

Step 1: Tap the lock screen and gain access to the phone

Step 2: Tap on the Emergency Call option on the lock screen that opens daily options.

Step 3: Double-tap the dialer to input 10 risk avert numbers of the phone provider.

Step 4: Copy the characters entered and copy them to the dialer again.

Keep repeating the process of adding more characters to the password space until the phone highlights the character.

Step 5: Open the camera shortcut and pull down the notification shade.

Tap the settings option where one will be prompted to enter the password.

Step 6: Long press the input field and choose the paste option. Repeat the process several times to copy more characters.

Step 7: The lock screen will eventually crash and the user can access the phone at their convenience.

Factory reset

The user of Galaxy S9 can rest the factory of the phone by pressing the power button together with the volume up and volume down all at once. The phone will go off and display a menu bar that can be used to code.

The user can use the volume down option and select the Factory settings options. Use the power button to click enter and the phone will be automatically be rebooted. This can lead to loss of data and should be the last option, so please be careful and make a backup of your data.

Wrapping up

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has been in use for a reasonable period. It’s customized to ensure that the user data is safe. Passwords are important for the security of user information. In some instances, the user may need to set a strong password for security reasons.

These may lead to the user forgetting the code. The methods provided here can enable the user to change and gain access to the phone when the password has been forgotten. Users should not rely on the system provided password.

I hope you were finally able to unlock the Samsung S9 phone or any other phone with the above-stated methods.

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