OnePlus made a lot of headlines when they announced the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro to the world. The more expensive of the two is the company’s first 1440p smartphone but some people have been experiencing Ghost Touch issues. Today, I want to show you what this means and how to check if your smartphone is affected.

OnePlus is known for building premium smartphones at an affordable price. Similar to Xiaomi, this means that OnePlus is producing smartphones with a great build quality (and hardware) for the price. Granted, they have cut corners in a ton of ways in the past (and even with the OnePlus 7 Pro), but it was usually worth the sacrifice.

What is the OnePlus 7 Pro Ghost Touch Issue?

So when OnePlus steps outside of their comfort zone and offers the OnePlus 7 Pro for the price it has, it’s led many people to analyze each and every aspect of the device. Things including the absence of wireless charging are still inexcusable at this price range but we expect the smartphone to work like normal.

And that’s what is going on, people’s reports of the OnePlus 7 Pro Ghost Touch bug shows a lack of quality control.

I can excuse OEMs of a small percentage of manufacturing defects with the initial launch batch. But when an issue like this pop up and affects so many people, I start to question the QA aspect of the company. Personally, my OnePlus 7 Pro doesn’t have the issue but the majority of us at XDA are having the issue and this is what it looks like.

This part of Dan’s video shows exactly what is going on with those who have devices that are affected. His was purchased from T-Mobile but other reports have popped up with people who purchased theirs directly from OnePlus. You can see he has the CPU-Z application open and that’s exactly what we’re going to use to test your device.

I do want to point out that people are seeing these ghost touches in other apps and even in some games.

The thing is, the ghost touches that most people are seeing seem to be random. Sometimes it’s when they’re typing, sometimes it’s when they’re watching a video, and sometimes it’s when they just have their phone on a flat surface. However, for some reason, they become more common when you have the CPU-Z application open.

So that is what we’ll be doing today to test if your OnePlus 7 Pro is having the same issue. That will be our basic test but read the last of this article to learn about other ways to possibly trigger the issue (and other ways to detect it).

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Check and if Your OnePlus 7 Pro has the Ghost Touch Bug

  1. Open up the Google Play application


  2. Search for and install the CPU-Z application

  3. Open the application up and monitor it for Ghost Touches

    This process can take as little as a few seconds, or as long as 15 minutes.

Not a very technical tutorial we have here today but I would say it’s an important test for current OnePlus 7 Pro owners. Just like you saw in Dan’s video, we’re going to be using the CPU-Z application to do our testing. Again, you could be seeing these in other areas but could confuse them with something else if they are rare enough.

The community has yet to figure out exactly why CPU-Z is the best app to test the issue out.

So once you have the application installed, just let it sit there for 5-15 minutes. Some people will notice the ghost touch issue immediately after opening the application on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Others may end up waiting a few minutes before they see something. It’s so random and inconsistent that it can be difficult to detect.

So What if You Don’t See Anything?

Not everyone is having the issue that you saw in Dan’s video. Some people are seeing it less frequently so yours may be affected but it might not be easy to notice. That is what I noticed with mine, I saw one Ghost Touch after about 10 minutes of tinkering and watching to see if it would happen.

I haven’t seen one since, but I will let you know what I did to help see the OnePlus 7 Pro Ghost Touch bug I experienced. First, touches may not happen on an area of the screen that changes something. So, in this case, we can enable a feature to see every single tap that happens on screen.

  • Enable Developer Mode
  • Go into the hidden Developer Options menu
  • Then enable the Show Taps toggle
  • And follow the tutorial again to check if you can see the random ghost touches

This can be handy because every time there is a tap on the screen a UI element appears there. Most people will use this in combination with a screen recorder for tutorials but it’s actually quite handy in this situation as well. So even if the OnePlus 7 Pro ghost touch doesn’t happen often, you can see when it does.

Also, some people have said it is NFC related so you may want to enable NFC (if it’s disabled) or try to trigger NFC and check if the Ghost Touch issues suddenly appear.

I work with someone who had a massive Ghost Touch attack after using NFC on their device. Others have said NFC isn’t related to their issue at all, but it could be related to yours. In these cases where the cause isn’t known, it’s best to try as many troubleshooting steps as possible.

You never know what will trigger some random bug like this.


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