The process is very easy and you can follow this step by step guide to learn how to boot the Xiaomi Redmi 4 into Fastboot Mode.

Fastboot Mode for Android is used for a number of different things. For Nexus and Pixel devices, this special boot mode is actually used to flash various Android images directly onto the device. This is possible because it gives us a higher level of access to the smartphone we’re using.

The use cases for Xiaomi phones isn’t exactly the same but there are a number of reasons why someone would want to boot the Redmi 4 into Fastboot Mode.

I’d like to go over the reasons why this is useful in a future article, as I’m still learning about the phone. Xiaomi handles their phones differently than other OEMs and I don’t want to make any presumptions. Although, you should still be able to issue Fastboot commands (with ADB/Fastboot tools) from within Fastboot Mode on the Redmi 4. I haven’t personally tested this right now as I just received the phone, but it should be possible.

So let me jump right into it and show you how to get there.

Redmi 4 Fastboot Mode

  1. Press the Power button for a few seconds
  2. Then press the Power Off buttonĀ in the Power Menu
  3. Press the Power Off button again after it gets bigger
  4. Then wait for the Redmi 4 to power down
  5. When it’s completely off, press and hold the following buttons. . .
  6. Power, Volume Down
  7. . . .and continue holding these two buttons down
  8. Once you see the Fastboot Mode screen, let go of these two buttons


That really is all there is to it and again, I’ll be covering reasons why you may need to boot into the special Redmi 4 Fastboot Mode in future articles. I know that some PC programs require you to do this in order to flash certain firmwares on the Redmi Note 3. I assume it is the same for the Redmi 4 as well, but again, I don’t want to make any presumptions. This is also where Fastboot commands from a Command Prompt will be executed.

To start, we need to get the Redmi 4 into a completely powered down state. To do this, we need to press and hold the Power button down for a few seconds. This will bring up the Power Menu where you will see four options to choose from. One of these will be labeled Power Off and tapping on it will make that button expand and become bigger. You’ll be told to press the Power Off button again to start shutting down the Redmi 4.

Redmi 4 Pro Fastboot Mode Full
When you get to this screen, you’ll want to let go of the Power and Volume Down buttons.

The phone should power down completely rather quick, but it could take time depending on what the Redmi 4 is doing and what you have installed on it. Once you have noticed the phone is completely off, you need to press and hold two buttons at the same time. So you want to press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the exact same time, and continue holding these two buttons down. Within a few seconds, you should see Xiaomi’s Fastboot Mode image appear.

This means you have booted into the Redmi 4 Fastboot Mode and once that happens you can let go of these two buttons. This is where you will want to connect the Redmi 4 to the PC for whatever you need to do with it. This can be flashing a firmware with a PC program, or executing Fastboot commands from the Command Prompt. Some times when you’re done, the Redmi 4 will reboot back into Android when it’s finished.

But if that doesn’t happen, you can do what I did in the video above and just press the Power down for 10-15 seconds to force the Redmi 4 to reboot back into Android manually.


  1. Redmi 4a How much time it will take fastboot.In my mobile I was tried same instruction which is you has been posted in the site.I have been waiting since from 1/2 an hour but still also showing only MI symbol on screen

    • It will stay in Fastboot Mode for as long as you let it. Press and hold the Power button for 10-15 seconds to force the phone to reboot back into Android/MIUI


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