6 Interesting Facts That Might Convince You to Become an Android User

Google’s Android operating system has multiple benefits for the average smartphone user. Because of that, it’s quite popular in numerous countries around the world. If you’re using Apple iOS, you might want to reconsider your next purchase and opt for a device based on an Android platform.

To explain why, let’s check out some fresh and interesting facts about this unique operating system.

The Most Popular OS in the World:

Most popular OS in The World
Android OS is by far the most popular operating system in the world. Android’s market share at the end of 2018 was 72.33%. Compare that to Apple iOS, which is used by just 24.55% of smartphone users in the world, and you’ll see that Android is hard to beat on the global stage.

Android Will Keep Growing:

android will keep growing
If you think that Google’s operating system is already huge, you should wait several more years. According to research, Android’s smartphone share is expected to reach 85.5% of the global market by 2022.

As you can see, more and more people realize the benefits of the little green cyborg. Therefore, Android is bound to strengthen its position even more in just three years.

Android Is Highly Customizable:

highly customizable
If you want your smartphone to be personalized as much as possible and meet your specific requirements, then Android is the way to go. It allows you to tweak the interface to your liking so that your favorite apps are available in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, you can sync numerous external devices to your smartphone, as well as the entire Google Suite. Compared to other operating systems, this can make your life a lot easier.

More Apps than Apple Store:

more apps than playstore
If you are a person who loves exploring apps and frequently installing new ones, Android might be a better choice for you. Namely, there are around 500,000 more apps on the Google Play Store than on the App Store.

Google Play offers a selection of 2.7 million apps at the moment, whereas Apple has “only” 2.2 million apps. So if you are a fan of diversity, Google certainly has more of it. However, we’re sure 2.2 million titles on the App Store will suffice as well.

Young People Prefer Android:

more young people prefer android
Android is the favorite choice of people between 24 and 44 years of age. If you are in this age group, you might want to consider going with the flow. Around 75.5% of people in this age group have at least one Android device because they say it suits their daily requirements the best.

However, you won’t need to change your opinion even when you’re older, as Android is the most popular choice of those between the ages of 45 and 64 as well.

Android Offers More Value:

android has more value
If we compare an average Android phone to an average iPhone, you’ll see that you can get a lot more for your money if you buy the former one. Of course, there are some benefits to buying iPhones as well.

However, if your main focus is getting the best components and specs for the amount of money that you want to invest, then Android OS is the choice.


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