7 Best Alternative to Google Tasks

7 Best Alternative to Google Tasks

Since its inception almost 20 years ago, Google has entered almost every aspect of our lives and has been classified as a facilitator. Among the many services offered by Tech Mogul, Google Tasks is an easy way to manage our daily tasks. It is a work and task tracking platform for operating systems and devices. Google Tasks can create tasks directly via Gmail and other integrated platforms.

Google Tasks has many advantages, but Google has failed to build up a lighter product. Regarding group work due to the lack of social support tools and standard project management and representation tools such as Gantt charts. The services are not satisfactory if you are looking for the best alternatives to Google tasks, Comes with management. Features, you can then adjust one of the following.


It can be a favorite for everyone due to its beautiful interface and attractive design which is a treat for consumers. It uses CRM, alerts, and reminders to map our progress on a project so you never miss your deadline. Using a nice interface card. The concept of your work is refined quickly, easily and beautifully.

7 Best Alternative to Google Tasks

The timeline feature allows you to track your progress through graphs and tables to make sure you reach the end date. You can create groups of your colleagues and share tasks and end dates with them. Security tools allow you to customize teams and projects.


It is a personal information manager that manages your appointments, tasks, contacts, passwords, and emails on all platforms and all devices. Essential PIM stores data in a secure and scalable database. Data is cross-linked and relevant items can easily navigate through tag filters. It offers seamless integration with all popular cloud platforms like iCloud, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox and many more.

7 Best Alternative to Google Tasks

In addition to these advantages, EssentialPIM ensures data security by encrypting with a 256-bit key. Data synchronization on cloud applications is secured via SSL. Finally, it attracts basic and easy-to-use interface beginners.


The Checkvist is specially designed for geeks and is certainly a great alternative to Google tasks. Being a keyboard-based platform. It only allows portable keyboard shortcuts and accelerates ideas on the keyboard. The interface is very user-friendly. Using text formatting, links, and tables or adding programming code can be easily done.

7 Best Alternative to Google Tasks

It is open, free and allows users to export their data to multiple administrators or any other task management portal. The mobile version is very responsive and you don’t always need an active Internet connection to access the task lists. You can use a 14-day trial period to view and experience the standard product.


Meistertask is a product of the developers of MindMeister, an online mapping tool to collaborate with your working partners to visually create brainstorming and real-time project plans. With MindMeister, this mapping can be dragged to the Meistertask where you assign the mapping task to your peers.

7 Best Alternative to Google Tasks

Each task has a place for instant communication, task ideas, and information sharing to achieve goals. You can track the progress of each teammate in a charming way. Which makes it even more interesting.


It is software in progress exclusively based on the company. It is one of the most popular alternatives to Google tasks. Therefore, the Workfront project management software integrates contextual support for intelligent work automation and faster delivery of final products.

7 Best Alternative to Google Tasks

It reduces the cost of errors by sharing various videos with different stakeholders for approval before publishing videos, important documents, and marketing resources. Automated review systems speed up development because they eliminate the need to ask each authority.


If you’re looking for a powerful top-down app with lots of features. Your search will end here. Todoist provides a multitude of beautifully designed functions. And adheres to the relevant user interface guidelines of the iOS and Android platforms.

The default tab is the Today tab, which displays the rest of the day’s tasks. The ability to add new tasks is a unique experience. Unlike other apps, Todoist has kept it simple with smart solutions. As you can see in the picture. You can quickly add all the relevant details like name, date, priority, list name in the menu at least. Swipe left and you can see all parts of the lists, tags, and preferences. You can also find out all the work is done every week and every month.

7 Best Alternative to Google Tasks

The Productivity tab displays all data, including graphs. You can also activate shortcuts in the settings menu. The application is available on iOS, Android, Web, and Windows. And this subscription follows the economic model. Most features are chargeable. So you have to pay to remove the full capacity of Todoist.


The production of Any.do has a unique advantage. Instead of going to any menu, the app displays all the relevant details on the home screen. Therefore, you can access any list and start working and working with timers, attachments, locations, details, etc.

7 Best Alternative to Google Tasks

The highlight of the app is the way it plans your day. He will suggest all the tasks one by one and ask you to act. Here are two things to mention. So, I’ve had some crashes since my limited use, and adding a new task screen is a problem. It is not the least of the others and requires a lot of details before.

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