Anonfiles, a popular anonymous file-sharing site, is shutting down after two years of service – citing excessive abuse by it’s users.

Nullifying all the current shared files, Anonfiles says it’s platform was overwhelmed by malicious uploads, including malware, copyrighted material and stolen credentials, which triggered it’s proxy provider to cut their access.

Popularised For Sharing Malware

Though there are numerous file-sharing sites, Anonfiles stands apart with it’s anonymity policy, as it doesn’t track users’ activity while on site. This gave the platform quick popularity, which eventually turned dark!

Despite serving legitimate users, Anonfiles has been extensively used by threat actors lately for sharing malicious files like malware, samples of stolen data, stolen credentials and copyrighted material. All this led to the site’s demise, as it announced a shutdown after two years of service.

The Anonfiles team, without hesitation, blamed it’s users for abusing it’s service. Claiming that it processed tens of millions of uploads, the site has auto-banned many of these uploads – including some false positives.

And now, unable to put up with any more of this, Anonfiles announced shutting down it’s service for good. Signs of it’s demise started earlier this week when some users reported frequent timeouts when attempting to upload files and now, this eventually turned into a complete outage.

On their site, the Anonfiles operators said their proxy provider has recently shut them down, and they can no longer deal with the overwhelming uploads of abusive material onto the site.

Well, the site has also been blamed for malvertising on multiple occasions, including spreading an ISO file containing data-stealing malware. One researcher noted Anonfiles distributing RedLine stealer that hijacks users’ credentials and cryptocurrency wallets.

Yet, the site chooses to blame it on the users. Anyhow, Anonfiles is now looking for someone to take over their domain while keeping all it’s shareable links inaccessible.

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