If you feel your smartphone is slow and lags when it first boots up, you might want to take a look at this Xposed Module called BootManager.

Google allows 3rd-party applications the ability to tell the phone or tablet if it needs to start the application right when the phone boots up. For critical applications, this can be quite useful, but other times it’s just a hindrance. For example, I want to know exactly when I get a message on certain social apps, but there are some social apps that I spend less time on.

For those other social apps, I don’t need them to start right when the phone boots up at all.

Later versions of Android learn which apps you use more and prioritize those, but this isn’t an exact science. This is why I was so interested in learning about this Xposed Module called BootManager. This application lets you pick and choose which applications you want to let start right when you boot the phone up. So when you have less applications trying to start when the device boots up, the phone feels faster than before.

As with all Xposed Modules talked about here, your phone or tablet will need to have the Xposed Framework installed, and you will need to have root access to your device as well.


  1. Enable Unknown Sources on your phone or tablet
  2. Launch the Xposed Framework application
  3. Tap on the Download option
  4. Search for “BootManager” (without quotes)
  5. Tap on the BootManager module
  6. Swipe over to the Versions tab
  7. Tap on the Download button
  8. Wait for the Xposed Module to download and open
  9. Tap on the Install button at the bottom right
  10. Tap on Done once the Xposed Module has been installed
  11. Press the Back button a couple of times to get to the Xposed Framework main menu
  12. Tap on the Modules option
  13. Tap on the empty box next to the BootManager Xposed Module
  14. Reboot the device
  15. Launch the BootManager application
  16. Tap on the applications that you don’t want to start on boot


If you have installed Xposed Modules in the past, then this should come natural to you. I just prefer to include steps for the whole process in these guides so that everyone can benefit from them (not everyone knows this stuff). So, once you have gone through the process of installing the BootManager Xposed Module, you’ll want to activate it and then reboot your smartphone or tablet.

This is required in order for the changes to take effect, and then you can launch the companion application for the BootManager Xposed Module. This is a simple application that will just list all of the applications on your device that you can change with it. In the embedded video above, there were only two applications that I could change, but after updating a couple of apps this was increased to 4. The more apps you have installed, the more you will likely see included in this list.

BootManager App List
You’ll see a list of the apps and can then decide on which apps you want to prevent starting on boot.

By default, the apps are set to start on boot as that is what this Xposed Module is checking for. You’ll want to go through this list and pick out which apps you feel are not necessary right when your phone boots up. They will function normally after you manually open them, but they will sit dormant until that point. So go through here and tap on the applications and games in this list that you don’t need right when the device boots up.

You’ll see the application or game tinted with the color red when you tap on it. This means the application is set to not start right when the device boots up. The less applications you have trying to start right when the phone boots up, the less lag you will notice during this moment. This can be a big deal for older devices, or ones that simply do not have high-end specs. But it can also happen to high-end devices that have dozens to hundreds of applications installed.

You can always come back in here and tap the application to remove the red tint and allow it to start when the device boots up. So if you notice something not working, or you just want to revert the change the app made, you can always come back here and set it to how things were.


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