Can't Upgrade iCloud+ Storage Plan

The Apple cloud offers very little free storage space. This is a big problem for every iPhone and iPad user since the Apple iCloud only gives 5GB of free storage. It’s not even enough for your pictures alone. Sooner or later, you need Apple ‌iCloud‌+. You can purchase 50GB, 200GB, or 2TB of additional storage for $0.99, $2.99, or $9.99 per month.

iPhone or iPad users can easily upgrade their cloud from the settings. Simply click on your Apple ID name, then go to clock iCloud and manage storage or iCloud storage. Once you enter your iCloud storage, you can click on the buy more storage or change storage plan to choose a plan to your liking. The process is very simple, although some users may receive a notification stating, “Your storage could not be upgraded at this time. Try again later in Settings.”

If you also have been receiving such messages, then don’t worry. Read the full article to solve the issue at hand. Here, we will discuss how to fix the can’t upgrade iCloud storage+ plan issue on your iPhone/iPad.

Several reasons can result in getting such notifications. However, if such messages appear on your screen, then simply click on the done option and back out of the settings app to your home screen. You need to follow the steps below:

  • Again go to the settings
  • And click on your name (the Apple ID banner) at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the media and purchase.
  • A pop-up menu will be appeared. From there, you can sign out.

After that, try upgrading your storage plan one more time in the same process. You may see that now there is no trouble completing the subscription purchase. Signing out of media and purchases May remove the obstacle that prevents some people from upgrading their devices.

Why can’t I upgrade my iCloud storage?

There could be many reasons you cannot upgrade your iCloud storage. This is why it’s important to troubleshoot every possible cause to prevent it from happening again. Let’s look at some of the very common reasons why iCloud storage doesn’t work properly.

Unstable internet connection

Operating system failure

Apple server issues

Sometimes other users also connect their iCloud. In that case, upgrading storage will not work.

No update for the latest iOS 15.

How can you fix the can’t upgrade iCloud+ Storage Plan issue?

If you want to change your iCloud plan but can’t change it due to some errors, read the full article. Here are 3 methods to fix your iCloud storage plan.

Solution 1: Update your iPhone to the latest iOS

One of the reasons why your iCloud+ storage is not working properly is because your iPhone is not up to date. This is why it’s essential to upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOs first. To do so, follow the steps below:

Go to the Settings

And then tap General> Software Update

Once the update is downloaded, you need to click on the installed button and wait for the whole process to complete.

That’s all.

Solution 2: Sign out and sign in on your iCloud account

If you are still unable to change your iCloud storage plan, simply log out from your account and sign in again after some minutes.

Solution 3: Reset the network settings

If the above two methods didn’t work, then the chances are that your device is not getting a stable internet network. If you don’t have a stable network, then even after upgrading your storage, you will not be able to see it. So make sure that your wi-fi is connected with your device properly. You can reset the network settings.

Head to the Settings and tap on the General option

Look for the Reset option at the bottom and hit it

Then Just tap on the Reset Network Settings and enter the password

That’s it.


Apple only provides 5 GB of free storage space, so it’s quite natural that you will be buying more storage in the future. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your iCloud storage today!

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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