Chrome is Working on a New Feature to Suck Less CPU Power

To reduce the CPU power consumption in laptops and smartphones, Chrome is testing a new feature called Quick Intensive Throttling.

This would basically freeze the inoperative pages (which are set in the background), thus saving the power spent on them. While there’s already a feature of such, Chrome in it’s latest update is enhancing this by throttling pages almost quickly right after they’re out in the background.

Throttling Dormant Pages to Save Power

Though Chrome is one of the best browsers we have today, it’s often blamed for it’s heavy CPU power consumption. While it’s genuinely using this processing power to serve you with the best experience, it’s still not acceptable to the community.

Thus, Google announced a new feature called Intensive Wake Up Throttling in Chrome v87, where the JavaScript keeps a tab from waking up more than once a minute after it was suspended and hidden from view for more than 5 minutes.

This resulted in the browser consuming 5x less CPU power while giving 1.25 hours extra battery life. Now, Chrome is enhancing this to get even better results. As noted by the About Chromebook, Chrome is testing a new feature in the flags section called “Quick Intensive Throttling“.

When enabled, this does what exactly the Intensive Wake Up Throttling does, but strips down the count of 5 minutes to 10 seconds! So any page that’s hidden from sight (kept in the background) for more than 10 seconds, will automatically be throttled by Chrome.

Well, Chrome mentioned that it only throttles only if the page is completely loaded, so any processes running on the page will not be hindered. This is available in Chrome Canary and Dev builds and can be enabled as below;

  1. Open Chrome Canary or Developer and enter chrome://flags/#quick-intensive-throttling-after-loading in the address bar, as shown below.
  2. Set the ‘Quick intensive throttling after loading‘ flag to Enabled and relaunch Chrome when prompted.

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