iOS 8 Problems and Solutions

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Fix Common iOS 8 Problems and Solutions.


“Interface With ITunes” Logo Is Stuck

On the off chance that your iTunes logo is stuck on your gadget screen then take after the underneath answers to amend it.


A hard reset can help you resolve the bug. You have to hold the Sleep and Home keys together for a short period, release when you see that your screen has turned dark. In the event that you see an Apple logo before you released the keys you have to rehash the procedure by and by.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

Clients have reported Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network issues after the upgrade up to iOS 8.


Your Wi-Fi issue can be tackled by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. Your system will prompt for the password to reboot your gadget. Ensure that you can recall your WI-FI passwords as they will be removed amid this procedure.

Bluetooth issues can be resolved by going to Settings>General>Reset> Reset All Settings. All your saved settings will reset and you will need to switch them back on once more. Reassess the bluetooth.


An Error Occurred While Downloading IOS 8

You may get a blunder pop-up.


The pop-up blunder is not usually a severe issue. There are numerous clients other than you who are attempting to update their smartphones to iOS 8. You can simply restart the download procedure.


IPhone Won’t Turn On After IOS 8 Update

This is a typical issue confronted by numerous clients and with two fixes beneath.


Press the and home keys together for a few moments till the Apple logo shows up.

Attempt a Factory Reset on your smartphone, backup your vital information.


Can’t Send And Receive Messages

On the off chance that you appear to face issues in sending or getting messages peruse this answer for fix your issue.


Open Settings, select Messages and tap the slider to turn, send as SMS, iMessage off.

From the settings menu go to the General > Reset > Reset Network Settings, send instant messages once more.

Backpedal to Settings > Messages and turn on Send as SMS, and snap iMessage back on.


Applications Crashing Or Not Loading

Clients may confront app issues; simply take after the simple suggestions beneath to rectify the issue.


You have to double tap on the Home keys and swipe clean the applications which are failing to open, then attempt to load it once more.

Attempt to restart by holding down the Home key and Sleep key till the Apple Logo shows up on the gadget screen.

The application ought to update consequently if not then under Automatic Downloads you can check Setting > iTunes and App Store to turn on the upgrades.

You can uninstall and reinstall an application to check whether the issue is settled.

Attempt a Reset however before that suggestion, backup all your critical information then go to Setting>General>Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings.

While all these Fix will work with the applications that are in iOS 8 there may be some applications that won’t work with iOS 8.


ICloud Requires Storage To Backup

Numerous clients observed that iCloud required more space for updates after the upgrade to iOS 8. On the off chance that you wind up in this circumstance before you upgrade your iCloud take a look a the Fixes underneath and possibly you won’t need to update your iCloud.


Erase undesirable backups by heading off to the Settings>iCloud>Storage and Backup>Manage Storage and after that Delete old or undesirable backups.

Turn Off unnecessary backups by going to Settings>iCloud>Select the unnecessary backup options then user switch it off.


Stuck On Apple Logo

Occasionally iOS 8 upgrade gets stuck on the apple Logo while booting up. When the clients turn on their iPhone just a clear screen or Apple Logo, aside from that nothing happens.


Switch off the gadget and connect the gadget to your PC and start iTunes on it.

Press the Sleep key and Home keys in the meantime and hold it for no less than 10 seconds.

Give up the Sleep keys and keep on pressing the Home key unless a message shows up in iTunes.

Initially, select your gadget and after that under the Summary there will be a Restore alternative simply tap on it.


Information Loss After Upgrading To IOS 8


Client can take after these Fix:

On the off chance that you have officially sent your gadget information to another gadget through iTunes or ICloud then you can without much of a stretch re-install the information to your gadget after the update.

There is an application called PhoneRescue to help you recoup the essential lost iOS information on your smartphone without iTunes or iCloud reinforcement. The PhoneRescue application recuperates 24 sorts of iOS information including the messages, photographs, recordings, date-book, update, notes contacts and so forth. It’s a great deal alternative than iCloud or iTunes.


Getting Stuck While Downloading and Installing IOS 8

There are two courses by which you can attempt and rectify this bug.


The iOS 8 upgrade takes time to download and install. You should simply hold up persistently.

Reboot your gadget by holding the Sleep/Wake and Home keys together for a few moments. Once the gadget reboots go to Settings>General>About and check whether the download procedure has continued. On the off chance that it doesn’t continue itself consequently restart the update procedure once more.


Introduce iOS 8 by means of iTunes on Computer:

You can have a go at introducing the update from the iTunes which will consume less storage. Take after the progressions underneath to update from iTunes.

Connect your smartphone to your PC or portable PC, and iTunes will be dispatched consequently. If not, open it on your PC.

Click on the smartphone symbol from the left sidebar, and after that tap the “Synopsis” tab.

On the off chance that you discover no warning about iOS 8, click on the “Check for Update” , and after that snap “Upgrade“. Once the download is finished, your smartphone will restart and will introduce the new OS.


Erase Data and Make Some Space on Your Device:

Delete the stockpile Pictures from your smartphone – The uplifting news is that you won’t need to forever eradicate the sweet recollections of photos. Rather, clients can transfer their information to a PC first and after that erase it from their smartphones.

Erase Apps and Games – For gaming applications you might not have any desire to erase the ones containing your own info. It is prudent to transfer gaming apps to another smartphone with the assistance of AnyTrans application so you won’t lose the spared information on your gaming apps.

Erase Junk, Log Files, Temporary Files, Cache and Cookies – There is a ton of garbage records that are not required but rather using up your smartphone’s memory.. You can utilize PhoneClean, a specific iOS app which can help you delete every one of those garbage records and other undesirable documents on your smartphone’s storage memory. It can convey back around 40% to 60% of space on your smartphone.

Erase iMessages and Other Text Messages – Once you have erased the messages, peruse to Settings > General > Software Update and snap upgrade and sit tight for iOS 8 to be installed.


Not Enough Space to Upgrade IOS 8


To upgrade your smartphone to iOS 8 you require around 5 GB Storage space. On the off chance that you don’t have the required space the update would not work, subsequently to check the amount of capacity your smartphone presently has, go to Settings>General>Software upgrade. On the off chance that you have not upgraded your smartphone with 7.1.2 it will suggest you to upgrade that first.


IOS 8 Is Taking A Long Time To Upgrade

Numerous clients have found that the update takes too long. On the off chance that you locate the same is going on with your gadget you can take after the underneath fix.


>Try associating with a faster Wi-Fi system.

>Use iTunes for introducing and utilize the iOS 8 direct download from Apple.

Download just the iOS 8 official release.

Plug your gadget into a PC and open iTunes.

/saving/backing up your information as a safety check.

In iTunes, press the iPhone choice in the upper right. In the event that you see the Restore and Upgrade choices you are on the right screen.

Click on Check for Update. 

Hold alt/alternative on Mac when you select Check for Update.

On Windows, hold Shift keys when you click Check for Update.

Find the iOS 8 download and tap on the ipsw document.

Presently let the iOS 8 upgrade to happen. This may take 15 minutes or more relying upon to what extent it takes to confirm the update with Apple’s servers.


Poor Battery Life After The IOS 8 Upgrade

Like other people who have whined about their battery depleting quickly, you likewise may confront this issue. You can utilize the beneath fixes to take care of the issue.


Find the Power depleting Apps by Going to Settings > Usage > Battery Usage, you will discover a rundown of applications expending battery life on your gadget in the most recent 24 hours and most recent 7 days.

Network mobile data is imperative on your smartphone, but on the other hand it use a considerable measure of battery life. Uncommonly on the off chance that you are utilizing 3G and 4G, your smartphone will expend a great deal of battery life. So on the off chance that you are not utilizing this, it’s best to turn it off by going to Settings > Mobile and selecting the Mobile Data switch.

Since you’ve installed iOS 8 on your smartphone there are chances that your battery life will turn sour. Basically restarting it can deal with many issues, however it can likewise help to fix some battery life issues. For a delicate reset, you can press the Power keys and home keys together till the iPhone kills.

On the off chance that you need to totally stop applications (background) it will spare a considerable measure of battery life, go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh and flip it off. You can likewise deal with every individual application’s settings.

The screen utilizes a considerable measure of battery on any advanced mobile smartphone. The brighter the screen, the more power it utilizes. Switch the Auto Brightness and physically control it as indicated.

Watch that the auto-lock is set by going to Settings > General > Auto-Lock so if not being used the screen naturally goes off.

In case you’re not utilizing Bluetooth, then turn it off.


Step by step instructions to Add Third-Party Keyboard After IOS 8 Upgrade

You have to go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Keyboards and afterward select ‘Include New Keyboard. You can switch between keyboard consoles by selecting the globe symbol on every console.


Can’t Get Hands-Off Working Or Continuity Calling To Work

Both these components accompany the iOS 8 update. Ensure that you have updated your Mac to the most recent Yosemite as the Continuity highlight is good just with Yosemite and the old working frameworks like Mountain Lion or Maverick.

On the off chance that your iOS 8 doesn’t appear to have these elements take after the beneath fixes to amend them.


Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.

Click on General

Click Handoff and Suggested Apps

Turn the Handoff alternative Off and after that On

Click General on top to about-face to the past menu

Click on Settings on top to about-face to the past menu

Click on Facetime

Turn Off the iPhone cell calls and switch it on back once more

Reboot your gadget

Make a test call to check if the issue is “resolved.


Sound Not Working After The Upgrade

Clients of iPad appear to whine that the sound of the gadget was not working after the iOS 8 update. Here are the fixes for that.


Hold the Sleep/Wake and the Home keys together for a few moments or till you see the Apple Logo and the gadget restarts.

Guarantee Mute isn’t on else flip it off by going to Settings > General and check Use Side Switch. You additionally can check by swiping up and checking the symbol in Control Center.


Can’t Make Calls after IOS Upgrade

Clients with old gadgets like iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 reported that they couldn’t make calls after they upgraded their gadget with iOS 8, in any case they could get calls. A portion of the fixes for this bug are said beneath.


Double tap the Home keys and close all background applications.

Have a go at holding down the Sleep/Wake and Home keys together till your iPhone restarts and you see the Apple Logo.

Ensure you Airplane mode is off, and check on the off chance that you are attempting to call to a blocked number by going to Settings>Phone>Blocked.

Turn off your gadget, evacuate SIM card and afterward set it back once more.

Reset your systems network settings by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

Call support to ensure that there is no issue within your area.

In the event that nothing works you better go to the Apple store and contact a pro.


Cell Data Problem on IOS 8

Having issues with your cellular data may be a major issue. Look at the answers for this issue.


A straightforward restart may settle the issue of your gadget.

switching your data on and off.

Switch to Airplane Mode, sit tight for no less than 30 seconds and turn it off.

The above fix are just conceivable answers for regular issues that you may run over, if nothing works make a point to visit an Apple store and get proficient help.


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