Last week I presented you a list of all the custom ROMs that I could find for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Today I have curated a list of all the Galaxy Note 4 custom kernels that I was able to find on the XDA forums.

Just like the Galaxy Note 4 custom ROM list, this one is sectioned off for each of the various models of the Galaxy Note 4. Custom kernels, just like custom ROMs, are coded specifically for individual models of the Galaxy Note 4. If a custom kernel is not listed for your specific device, then I do not recommend you try to flash it.

Doing this will most likely make your device go into a bootloop and you will have to restore one of your Galaxy Note 4 backups in order to fix it.

Galaxy Note 4 Custom Kernels

In order to flash any of these custom kernels below, you will need to have done a few things to your device first. You will need root access to your Galaxy Note 4 before you even think about installing a custom kernel. Then, you will need to have a custom recovery installed onto your Galaxy Note 4 so you can install one of the kernels below. Technically, you could use Fastboot.exe or the Flashify application to install the kernel, but then you can’t create a Nandroid backup for the Galaxy Note 4 and that is something I always recommend before you tinker with your device.

[box type=”warning”]Custom kernels are coded for a specific type of ROM. Some of them are made for TouchWiz(aka stock) and some of them are made for AOSP(aka CM12). Please read through the kernel thread before you flash it so you know exactly what it is made for. Failing to do this will cause a bootloop and then you will hae to restore from a backup. [/box]

SM-N910C Custom Kernels

SM-N910F Custom Kernels

SM-N910G Custom Kernels

SM-N910P Custom Kernels

SM-N910T Custom Kernels

SM-N910V Custom Kernels

SM-N910W8 Custom Kernels

If you need help flashing any of these custom kernels, please be sure to read through the how to flash a Galaxy Note 4 custom kernel tutorial and get familiar with this process. The entire installation process shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes and then you are all done.

Also, if you have found any of these kernels useful, please visit the XDA thread linked for that kernel and consider donating to that developer. Android’s developer community is only possible because of the people who create this stuff. The more we show our gratitude, the happier, and more willing they will be to continue working on these types of projects.

If you know of a custom kernel for the Galaxy Note 4 that is not listed above, please use leave a comment below and share it with the community. I am requesting that you include the model number for the Galaxy Note 4 that is works on, the name of the kernel and the link to the XDA thread for that specific kernel. I will not approve any comments linking to custom kernels that are not linked to the XDA thread for that specific kernel. The more organized this page(and the comments) is, then the easier it is for readers to skim through and pick the kernel they are looking for.


    • I’m not sure. You would have to watch the XDA forums for your specific model and see if new ones are being posted. If you find one that isn’t included in this list then be sure to let me know so I can add it

        • Wow, small world 🙂 Thank you, I truly appreciate the kind words and the support.

          I’m not sure how often I will update these list articles since there is stuff happening all the time within the developer community. If you find anything that would be useful, linking to the XDA thread in a comment would go a long way to helping keep the list as up to date as possible.

          I think I’ll go through them every few months(depending on if there are new devices to write tutorial about) and update them as I find new kernels/ROMs.

          Thanks again and feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form(link is at the bottom of the site) to suggest tutorials that you would like to see done or topics that you would like to see explained. I am always looking for new things to write about and add to my list of tutorials to create.

  1. hi
    why no n916??so muuch little customs and nowhere name any kernel for it except stockroder 2….could yuou help me find some?


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