Samsung sells their smartphone all around the world and each one can have something a bit different with its software (or hardware). So, if you currently looking to download the AT&T Galaxy Note 9 firmware then here are a couple of sources where you can get it from. Just don’t flash this on a non-AT&T device.

When it comes to wireless carriers, they tend to enjoy having control over the software on smartphones. Not only does this allow them to pre-install certain applications (including apps like Facebook and Microsoft Office) to get paid extra, but it also gives them a chance to test the phone. This happens with the software on the phone when you pull it out of the box and the OTA updates too.

While many skeptics believe the main reason is so they can get those apps pre-installed (and installed in a way that they can’t be uninstalled the conventional way), the wireless carriers will argue otherwise. They will say they want control of the software so they can do tests and make sure that the phone (and it’s future updates) work on their network.

Not only that, but that an update won’t degrade the signal performance either. To be honest, if every wireless carrier has to configure things a certain way to make sure the signal strength is up to par then they need to standardize their technology. In any case, it also lets them develop their own applications for upselling other services, upselling additional products, or simply making things more convenient for the user.

There are a few places you can grab this software and here are the sources that I recommend. . .

Download the AT&T Note 9 Firmware

  1. SamMobile
  2. Updato
  3. SamFirm

Now each of these sources has their own pros and cons and I will leave it up to you to decide which one you want to go with. SamMobile has a good reputation within the Samsung community but they throttle their firmware speeds unless you want to pay more. Updato gets free hosting from a provider for advertising their service so the speed can vary depending on your location and the time of day.

SamFirm will most likely let you download the AT&T Galaxy Note 9 firmware the quickest and cheapest way, but it requires that you enter in some information about your device. Information that you may not know about it. You can grab this information from the Phone Info application via the Play Store. . .just make sure you’re putting the right information into the program.

When I needed to grab the firmware for my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 I used SamFirm because it let me download the fastest. But if you’re new to all of this and aren’t familiar with details about these devices then use the links from #1 or #2 in the list above. Also, the choice will be up to you but it’s likely best to grab the latest version from those websites so you know your AT&T Galaxy Note 9 firmware is up to date.

If you’re not sure how to flash the firmware to your device then be sure to follow along with this video here. . .

. . .and you if you need help with this the step by step instructions have all been written down right here. Now, remember when I told you that each carrier likes to install their own applications. AT&T is no different here and they have given us a list of the apps the pre-install on the Galaxy Note 9 right on its specs page. This means your AT&T Galaxy Note 9 comes with the following applications pre-installed.

AT&T Galaxy Note 9 Firmware Apps
  • AT&T Call Protect
  • AT&T Device Help
  • AT&T DriveMode
  • AT&T Mobile Security
  • AT&T ProTechSM
  • AT&T Setup & Transfer
  • AT&T Smart LimitsSM
  • AT&T Smart Wi-Fi
  • AT&T Visual Voicemail
  • Mobile Services Manager

If I was a betting man, I would put money on the fact that there are very, very, very few people out there who will use all of those applications. So as a suggestion, you can disable any of those Galaxy Note 9 apps listed above by following that tutorial. Not only will that prevent your home screen and/or app drawer from being cluttered, but it could actually save you some battery life as well.

Don’t get tricked into thinking you need applications like AT&T Mobile Security to keep your phone safe. Just don’t be careless and download cracked apps and/or games and you’ll be okay. I would say to stick to downloading apps from only the Play Store. However, there are some other trusted sources out there including XDA, APK Mirror, and APK Pure.


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