If you’re tired of having your status bar cluttered then follow these steps if you want to hide the battery percentage from the status bar.

We’ve talked a lot about how many features that Samsung packs into their phones and for the most part, this can be a very good thing for the consumer. Assuming that these extra features don’t hinder the performance of the software then it’s hard to argue about the disadvantages of these features since they all give us choice.

The more features we have, and the more features we have active, then the more cluttered our status bar can be and this is something that really bothers a lot of people. Coming from a Nexus device, I have often thought the status bar icons on a Samsung device are way too much.

Samsung uses these to remind you about certain features though and I can understand why they would want to do this.

Sometimes it can be helpful to know that an alarm is set or that NFC is enabled but once you get used to these things, then they become useless. If you’ve had NFC enabled on your phones for years then it’s something you come to expect and don’t need to see the NFC icon appearing in the status bar. Putting the battery percentage indicator in the status bar is redundant though and it helps very few people to have both the percentage as well as the icon there. I like how CyanogenMod does it with the number inside a circle though.

Still, even this tiny little feature is helpful for some people so I can understand them wanting to put it in there. Thankfully it can be disabled and this is what I wanted to show you today.

Galaxy S6 Hide Battery Percentage

  1. Launch the Settings Application in the Galaxy S6
  2. Tap on the ‘Battery’ Section
  3. Toggle the ‘Show Battery Percentage’ Feature Off
  4. or
  5. Tap the ‘More’ Option at the Top Right
  6. Then Tap on the ‘Hide Battery Percentage’ Option


In this tutorial I have detailed both ways to do this because different versions of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have different ways of hiding the battery percentage indicator from the status bar. No matter which variant you have though, the answer is to go into the Battery section of your Settings application and you’ll find the toggle in there. For some Galaxy S6 owners, you’ll see a toggle listed right above the battery graph on the page. There’s a check box to the right of the option and you can tap it to disable or enable it very easily. You’ll see the numerical percentage appear and reappear in the status bar when you do this.

Other variants of the Galaxy S6 have this feature tucked away inside the ‘More’ menu at the top right. So you’ll still need to go into the Battery section of your Settings, but instead of having this toggle listed right on the screen, you’ll need to look for the ‘More’ button at the top right. Tapping this More button will display an option labeled Hide Battery Percentage. Tapping on this will do just that and if you want to bring this back then you just have to tap on the More button again and then tap on Show Battery Percentage. Just like before, you should instantly see your battery percentage indicator appear and reappear while you toggle this feature.

Which way you do you like to have your battery level on display? Do you like being able to see the exact number in the status bar or is a battery icon showing you about how full/empty it is enough for you? Let me know your preferences in the comments section below.


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