Enable The 120Hz Display On Galaxy S22

Galaxy S22 is one of the finest Android smartphones out there. This device comes with several unique features and benefits. You can enable the 120Hz Display on Galaxy S22 by following some simple steps. First, let’s know how enabling this option can benefit you.

Why Enable the 120Hz Display on Galaxy S22?

All of us want smoother motion and transactions on our Android smartphones. The 120 Hz display option is twice as fast as 60 Hz and 4X faster than 30 Hz. It gives you a smooth motion and transactions on your Android display. As it comes with faster updates, it has lower latency due to often pixel refreshes.

It gives you a better experience while playing video games and watching 24FPS video content. It just makes your experience of using your phone nicer with a clear resolution.

How to Enable the 120Hz Display on Galaxy S22?

Thanks to the easy-to-use interface of the Galaxy S22, you can enable the 120Gz display on your Android device and can change it if it’s needed by following a few steps. The steps are mentioned below.

Steps to Enable the 120Hz Display on Galaxy S22

First, go to the settings application of your Samsung Galaxy s22

Now, scroll down and navigate to the display option from there. Tap on the display option.

Head towards the option called motion smoothness

Here, you will see two options – adaptive and standard

You have to click on the adaptive option with a 120hz display


Though the 120Hz is the best one for display experience, like any other thing, this also comes with its pros and cons. When using your phone at the adaptive refresh rate, you may notice that the battery life is draining fast.

So, if you are willing to save your battery, you have to get back to settings and, from there, move to display. Go to the motion smoothness option.

If you have to change the 120Hz display rate, tap on the standard option. Your phone will now have a 60 Hz display. Though it is also pretty good, if you’re willing to work with 120Hz, you have to switch to adaptive.

(Note – The Samsung galaxy s22, S22 Plus, and S22 ultra should come with adaptive option enabled by default).

Hope you have succeeded in solving your problem.

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