How to fix MacOS Mojave Bluetooth issue

Bluetooth is a very rapidly growing technology which has become a crucial part of our life. Although this technology is quite reliable in rare cases, you may encounter problems related to Bluetooth. Bluetooth issues or losing the Bluetooth functionality is also one of the major problem faced by Mac OS Mojave users. They complain of losing the Bluetooth feature from their OS. Well, this MacOS Mojave Bluetooth issue can be fixed very easily if it is caused by a software error.

So let’s have a look at some of the working solution to the MacOS Mojave Bluetooth issue.

Fixes for MacOS Mojave Bluetooth issue

First of all, you must check all these basic things before heading to the more complex methods

If you are having trouble connecting Bluetooth devices, make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and is discoverable.

Make sure your Bluetooth device is properly charged and is near the Mac.

Check if your device is working fine or not.

1. Restarting the Mac

Sometimes simply restarting your Mac can fix minor glitches. If you are facing this problem for the first time I recommend you to try restarting your Mac.

Simply restart your Mac and then try connecting the Bluetooth devices.

2. Disable and Enable Bluetooth

Next, try Disabling and then Enabling Bluetooth on your Mac

  • Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth and then turn the Bluetooth off and then

How to fix MacOS Mojave Bluetooth issue

3. Reset the Mac SMC

Resetting the SMC can be one of the ways to fix internal errors related to both Hardware and Software. Resetting the SMC on your Mac depends on the model.

For Mac book with a removable battery

Shut down the PC

Remove the battery

Now press and hold the power button for around 5 seconds

Release the Keys and then reinstall the battery

Press the power key and turn your Mac on

For Mac Book with a non-removable battery

Go to Apple menu and then click on shut down

When your Mac shut down the press and hold the Shift-Control-Option buttons as well as the power key together for 10 seconds.

Release the keys and turn the Mac on

This will reset the SMC and your Bluetooth issues will hopefully get solved.

4. Reset the Bluetooth’s Module

Here is how you can do this

Press and hold the Shift and Option Keys together.

While still holding the keys click the Bluetooth icon present in the menu.

Click on Debug option and then on Reset Bluetooth module


These are some of the fixes to the MacOS Mojave Bluetooth issue. You must try all the above-listed methods one by one and hopefully, one of the methods will surely fix the problem if it is caused by a software error. If not then you need to get your Mac Book checked for Hardware related issues.


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