How to Fix mds_stores Consuming High CPU Usage

Have you recently noticed that your CPU is being consumed a lot from one primary cause? This is referred to as the mds_stores and its mainly the only thing that consumes the CPU.

On a Mac machine the mds_stores can consume up to one hundred percent(100%) of the CPU. From time to time a lot of Mac users have been experiencing this issue and problem, so we have compiled a few suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

What are mds_stores?

Mds_stores is one of the main features in the Apple spotlight. Apple spotlight is the data server that indexes the hard drive and it helps to find what you’re looking for such as a file when you make a search in Spotlight.

MDS actually means Metadata server and it is a very powerful part of Spotlight. If it is that you utilize spotlight a lot, this is the driver behind it all. Go ahead and take a look at the top right of your mac, you’ll spot a magnifying glass, and there you go, that is the spotlight feature.

Please note however that before you are able to make a search utilizing Spotlight, your hard drive needs to be indexed first. The mds_stores indexes the hard drives directories so you can make a search and get results returned real fast.

The Reason The mds_stores takes up Most of the CPU:

One of the primary reasons why the mds_stores takes up most of the CPU is because it is in the process of indexing your hard drive. If there are a lot of files and documents that take up a lot of storage, it is most likely that the mds_stores will end up consuming most of the CPU because it has to organize a lot of the files in an index, a searchable index.

As a result of consuming most of the CPU, it is likely that it will cause your MAC to slow down at times and crash.

There might also be problems of your Mac desktop overheating as well from this issue.

Delete Directories in the Spotlights Index
How to Fix mds_stores Consuming High CPU Usage 2

As a result of the metadata server having to index all of the directories so that you can perform a quick search in spotlight, we can suggest deleting a few of these directories but please do so at your own discretion. We here at KrispiTech take no liability for what happens when you do.

On deleting a few of the directories, it will allow the mds not having to index a lot of files meaning that it doesn’t need that much power to run on.

Hence it won’t consume most of the MAC CPU. Since all the directories have already been indexed, you’ll need to delete everything in Spotlight, so it can be re-indexed again. The second time it re-indexes, there won’t be many directories that need to be indexed as you have already deleted a few before or almost all of them, hence it shouldn’t take up much CPU here at this point.

To delete Spotlights database:

Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu.

Press on “Spotlight”.

Press on the “Privacy” tab.

Drag Macintosh HD (and other drives if necessary) into this window.

Press “OK” when asked to confirm.

Now select the drive(s) you just added and click the “-” minus key to remove it from the list.

After deletion of the database, Spotlight will now need to re-index the database.

This may take a while so please be patient. You will need to restart your Mac desktop and you should be able to reduce the amount of CPU the mds_stores take up after you have performed the suggestions given.

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