Android 13

Android 13 update is now gradually reaching more devices as Google has officially rolled out the update. Still, there are very few devices that are already on the official Android 13 update. If you are one of those who have updated your device to the official build of Android 13 and you are facing an issue of the mobile data not working, then this article is for you.

There are users who are facing mobile data connectivity issues when they updated their devices to the latest Android 13 build. In this article, we will show a few methods through which you can resolve such kind of issues on your device.

Method 1:

The first and basic thing you need to do on your smartphone when an issue or bug appears is to restart your device. Many times just restarting your smartphone or device can fix the issue. You can also try this method when facing issues like the app freezing or crashing, battery draining, the app not loading, or when your smartphone is stuck on one screen, etc.

The process is simple, just long-press the power button, a small menu popup appears, and select reboot/restart or power off from the menu. If you select reboot/restart then your smartphone will turn off completely and then restart on it’s own. If you select Power off then you have to long-press the power button for a few seconds after your device turns off completely.

Method 2:

The second method you can try if mobile data is not working is switching the mobile data on and off. First, you need to turn off the mobile data and then turn on the mobile data.

If you still face connectivity issues, try clearing out the Mobile data cache storage in the app settings. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Open settings app
  • Scroll down and navigate apps
  • In the app list, tap on three dots at the top right and select show system
  • Now, navigate or search Mobile data in the app list
  • Tap on Storage Usage
  • Tap on clear data and clear storage if the options are available
  • Restart your device and try it now.

Method 3:

The third method you can try is to change the sims in the sim slot. If you are using one sim then change the Sim slot. If you are using two sims then switch the sims slot and then again restart your device and try it out.

Method 4:

The fourth method through which you can resolve this issue is by disabling the battery optimization. Many users turn their battery-saver mode enabled to get better battery life. However, this feature kills background apps and some system apps which can cause this issue. So try to disable the battery optimization feature and try to connect to the Mobile data.

Method 5:

The next thing you can try is reset network settings. This will reset all the network settings including Wi-Fi and Mobile data. To do that follow the steps:

  • Open settings
  • Search Reset network settings in the search bar
  • Tap on reset network settings.

Method 6:

The last method on my list is to update your device if any update is available. OEMs and Google often release updates to fix bugs and issues and if there is any update available, you should update your device to the latest build.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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