Peacock TV Crashing

Peacock TV is an American video streaming service with a huge library of movies, dramas, sports, series, and their original content. They keep upgrading their content and have become a favorite amongst several users. However, recently users have been complaining about several issues when they are trying to access the channel, including Peacock TV crashing, freezing, slow loading, etc. We have a small guide that can help all smart television users to fix the issue:

Ways to fix Peacock TV crashing or not working:

Check Internet Connection – Since Peacock is an online video streaming platform, it requires a high-speed and stable internet connection to work smoothly. Poor internet connection will cause the app not to load or crash every time you open it. You must ensure that the network is perfect and you are connected to the Wi-Fi. You should also check your configuration and speak to your internet provider if there is a problem from their side.

Check the Devices – Currently, Peacock TV allows users to stream one account simultaneously on three devices. So, if you have already logged in to three different devices and are trying to log in to the fourth device, then the app will not work. You must log out from one device to be able to log in to your choice of device.

Relaunch Peacock TV – One of the easiest ways to fix a problematic app is to close it and then relaunch it again. Small glitches, if any, in the app are easily fixed with this.

Sign-Out and Sign-In – There may be instances when all the devices you have logged in are streaming Peacock TV simultaneously. Although it is usually not an issue, there may be times when the application may not work properly. You need to sign out of all the devices and then sign in once again with your id and password. This often helps in fixing the problem, and Peacock TV begins working smoothly.

Clear Cache and Data of Peacock TV – Corrupted cache and data often cause problems in a running application. Clearing the cache can help fix the errors you are facing while running Peacock TV. To clear cache:

Go to Settings of Smart TV

Locate Peacock app

Storage and Clear Cache

Every smart television is different and may have different steps to clear the cache. However, an option to clear cache in all types of smart televisions is located in the Storage settings.

Update Peacock TV – All applications require updates because it helps fix glitches and errors and enhances security. Peacock TV developers too roll out regular updates for the app. An updated app ensures that you can enjoy watching your favorite serials and movies without any interruption or error from the app. You can update the app from the store (it is named differently for different companies) where the app was downloaded from.

Disable VPN Services – Several users are using VPN services along with their internet for additional privacy. However, VPNs often face downtime issues, causing errors in the app. Good internet is significant in running Peacock TV smoothly. You must disable the VPN services to stream this service uninterrupted.

Use Browser – All Smart TV’s have a dedicated browser. If you find the Peacock TV app to be giving trouble continuously, you can switch to viewing it through a browser as a final solution. Just type in Peacock TV in the search option, and Google displays the link to the website. You can use your login id and password to log in and stream your favorite shows just as you did on the app.

Note: Besides the US, Peacock TV is accessible only in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, and Italy. If you are a US user, you must be physically present in the US to stream the channel. The channel provides services only in these regions for now.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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