Install Youtube Vanced On Android TV

If you are a YouTube fan, then YouTube Vanced is the best YouTube alternative you should know about. YouTube comes with plenty of advertisements that can interrupt your entertainment. On the other hand, YouTube Vanced comes with several amazing features, and it is ideal for your smartphone, and you can have an interrupted service by using this. Though many smart TV users still use the basic YouTube on their televisions, YouTube Vanced is a better option. And here is a detailed guide on how to Install YouTube Vanced On Android TV.

What are the fascinating features of YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced comes with some amazing features. Let’s check out some of these features.

Watching advertisements while watching videos can be really disturbing and irritating. If you use YouTube premium, you can eliminate those ads. And, when it comes to Vanced, the demand is significantly less. An official website can’t show you content without any advertisements, but that is something impressive when you can easily afford that.

You can get out of your YouTube Vanced or get your phone screen off without interrupting your music, as YouTube Vanced allows you to play music in the background without premium.

Besides these, YouTube Vanced comes with better resolution options, swipe controls for volume and brightness, and a dark mode as well.

Even if you have the official Play Store installed on your TV, you will not find YouTube Vanced, and you have to download and install the apk on your TV. Let’s know how you can do that?

How to Install YouTube Vanced On Android TV and Android TV Box?

Many smart TV users Still don’t know about the YouTube Vanced as it is not available on Play Store, and it is a third-party modded application. If you are worried about whether it is safe or not, let me tell you that it is a completely safe APK and would not do any harm to your television.

To install this on your television, follow the steps below:

  • First, download the setup file of YouTube Vanced. 3 files needed to be downloaded in the correct order.
  1. Youtubevanced ATV APK ( 57 KB)
  2. YouTube Vanced Dark ( 77MB)
  3. Vanced_microG ( 11 MB)

Once you have downloaded the files, you have to transfer all these files to your smart TV. So, you can download them on your TV or download them on your smartphone and transfer them to your smart TV.

Now, open your file manager app on your TV and navigate to the downloaded files.

( Note- if you can’t find the file manager on your TV, it means that it is not downloaded. In that case, you can download any one from the Play Store)

First, install YouTube Vanced Dark APK by tapping on the file and selecting the install option

Once it is installed on your TV, you have to install YouTube Vanced ATV APK by following the same process.

Once both files are installed on your TV, you can start using YouTube Vanced on your TV, and the Vanced shortcut will be created on your home screen for Direct access.

Login to YouTube Vanced on Android TV

After installing YouTube Vanced on your TV, you have to log in to it to get the features. Here are the steps to login to your YouTube Vanced:

Once you successfully install both the files and try to open YouTube Vanced on your TV, you will realize that you are not able to login to that. It happens because you are missing the MicroG from the installed application.

Launch the file manager app and head to the page where you have downloaded Vanced_microG ( 11 MB).

Now, tap on that and click on the install button.

Important Note:

Though YouTube Vanced is totally safe, some users are reporting that they are facing some issues with their YouTube or Gmail account that they have joined with YouTube Vanced. In many cases, people have lost their accounts. That’s why it is advised not to use your primary account while using YouTube Vanced. Rather you can use a secondary account for this purpose.


YouTube Vanced is the most competitive rival of YouTube itself, and you can use this for nonstop entertainment. Hope this article was helpful to you and you have successfully installed YouTube Vanced on your smart TV.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.



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