Galaxy S22 Ultra Not Turning On

Though the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra is one of the most power-packed devices in the recent market, users are reporting that their devices are not turning on. It is natural to panic in this situation, but there are some methods that you can try at home.

Why is this issue occurring?

According to the Samsung authority, it is nothing but a software glitch, and they are working on it.

You can wait for manufacturers to roll out a solution that will take time. If you are facing the same problem, we will discuss some troubleshooting methods here that you can try to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra not turning on issue before showing your phone to the customer service center.

Ways to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra not turning on issue:

Force reboot your phone

This method works when your phone gets frozen, or you can’t do anything with your device. Sometimes, this situation can occur with premium-level smartphones as well. Below are the steps to force reboot your Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra.

If you have connected any peripheral to your phone, remove it

Press + hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously until you see the Samsung logo appearing on your device screen.

Release both the buttons as you see the Samsung logo on your screen.

Charge your phone

Sometimes, you can eliminate glitches by simply charging your device for 30 minutes. Just plug the original charger into your phone and charge it for 30 minutes. You’ll see the charging animation and the Samsung logo after that. Let it get charged for a while, and turn on the device.

If your problem is not solved yet, go to the next method.

Try to reboot while charging

Put the original charger into the phone socket and while it is charging, try to restart your device. This method can fix the glitches and other issues with your smartphone. You just have to plug in the charger and then press + hold the power button and volume down button for few seconds. Once you can see the Samsung logo appearing on your screen, release both buttons and let the phone get rebooted.

Change the battery

Sometimes, damaged batteries also can cause this issue. You have to make sure that your battery is not damaged and working well. For this, you should go to the nearest service center and check whether your battery is working or not. Try to change the battery and check if the issue is resolved now.

Contact the customer care

If nothing works for you, it is advised to contact customer care for further assistance. You can also contact the nearest service center and seek help from experts in this field.


It is very unfortunate to encounter this type of issue in a device made by one of the best manufacturing teams in the market. However, we hope that the article was helpful to you and you’ve succeeded in solving this issue.

We also hope that the solution to this problem will be rolled out soon by the manufacturers.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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