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Satisfactory is a famous game that is full of excitement and surprises. It is a factory simulation game that was first created by Swedish video game developer Coffee Stain Studios. This 3D first-person open-world exploration and factory-building game has gained popularity globally for obvious reasons. The game comes with a lot of surprising elements, even when you are playing the initial part of the game. The game developers wanted the players to explore the world and find all the resources on their own. It means that, in this game, no map can help you, which is quite uncommon as most video games have them.

In the initial stage of the game, players must do all of it independently. However, when you cross the initial stage and make some progress in the game, you will get a map. A map is one of the vital things you can get in the game, as it will help you by providing you with navigation to resources. Getting a map will surely make things easier. Here, we will discuss how you can get and unlock a satisfactory map to get some navigational help in the game. The map has marked locations of almost everything you need to win the game.

Before starting, it should be mentioned that beginners who start playing the game will not get any world map. Beginners may have the sheer size of the map along with various regions that would not help them much. In the gameplay, players need to do their complete research to access a world map. Now, let’s discuss how you can unlock a map in satisfactory.

Why need a satisfactory map?

When you play the game, there will be several situations when you will feel that having a map would make the whole thing easier. It will not only offer you convenience but also will make you more comfortable. Sometimes, players get uncomfortable when they finally realize that the exact area is 5.4 KM by 5.4 KM, which is actually huge. If you want to travel from one corner to another corner of the world, it can even take up to 45 minutes. Though the time depends on the mode of transportation you use, it will still be time-consuming. Only a map can help when you start exploding and setting up all your bases.

How to get the map in Satisfactory?

As a player, you will need to research the map. You can also get the map by researching Quartz in the Molecular Analysis Machine. It is not that easy to start and finish this research. To do that, first, you will need to unlock the molecular analysis machine (M.A.M). Also, to unlock the machine, you will have to complete the Tier one field research challenge successfully.

The molecular analysis machine can be highly beneficial as it will provide you with better research trees when you level up in the game. Remember that the tress can depend on the resources you already have in the game. Many players also suggest that the Quartz research chain is derived from Quarts. Once you reach the Tier 2 Hub, you can start searching for Quarts with the help of your resource scanner that you will have in the gameplay.

Once you get all the resources mentioned above, you can easily start with the Quartz research chain and begin your research on the Quartz tree. As a player, you will also be able to collect some small nodes along with some mineable deposits. If you are willing to kick off the research chain, you can place a regular miner on the deposits and start collecting all the Quarts you need. Remember, to complete the research chain, you will need 10 crystal oscillators and 10 Beacons. In the fifth step of the game, you will get your map, and you can play the rest of the game more easily.

How to Use a Map in Satisfactory?

Besides knowing how to unlock the map in the game, you should also know how to use the map in the game and what kind of advantages you can get from that. Once you successfully unlock the map, press the Z key to view all the regions you have already explored. There are also some other interesting features of the map that you will be able to access once you get it.

  • You’ll be able to see your current position
  • You’ll get to know about the dropped crates
  • The map can tell you about the hub locations
  • You’ll get access to the vehicle locations for transportation purposes
  • You will be able to know about the resource nodes
  • You’ll be able to learn about the power slugs
  • You’ll know about the creatures and where they are

Satisfactory calculator 

Moreover, players should know about the external website ‘Satisfactory Calculator’ to save some time in the gameplay. It is an amazing website for players of this game, which players can easily upload the saved game files, and in return, the website provides the players with a visual map representation of it. The best advantage of this map is that all the terrains are marked in blue to signify water. It means that, as a player, you will not have to go out and explore the plant for water resources.

Ending words

The map is extremely important for the gameplay, but the developers wanted the players to play without the map in the initial stage. According to the players of this game, the absence of the map actually makes the gameplay even more exciting and full of thrills. After you get the map in the game, it will become easier for you to solve the challenges and find all the resources. Hope this article was helpful to you and you have understood how you can unlock the map in satisfactory.

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