turn an old Android into Google home

Not all of us want to get rid of our old Android phones. In fact, most of us like to keep them guarded with covers and screen guards, so they look shiny and new even after long use. So, if you already have the latest version of the smartphone in your hand but there is an older phone or tablet which is just lying then you can actually put it to good use. You can easily turn an old Android into Google home with these steps below.

Steps To Turn An Old Android Phone Into Google Assistant Smart Display

The steps could be slightly different for some phones depending on the tablet and version of Android in that tablet.

  • To turn a Tablet into Google smart display, you need to enable the Developer Options.
  • Go to Settings > About Tablet > Build Number – click on it till it says that you are now a developer      turn an old Android into Google home

Next head over to Developer Options > Stay Awake – enable this option, so your tablet stays on when it is charging

In the next step, you can select a wallpaper for screen to give it a beautiful look

Now head to the app drawer and click on widgets and swipe to look for and locate the widgets that you would like to have on your smart screen. Hold and drag them on to the screen.

Once you have placed the choice of widgets, you can also resize them. Just hold on to them and when you get white dots on their edges drag and resize them.

This could take some time because not all widgets will fit on your screen, so you need to keep resizing them and see how they look.

You can have anything you like on the screen such as – calendar, to do list, clock, weather, etc.

You always have the option to replace the widgets with new ones. Just hold on to them and drag them to the end of the phone and add a new widget of your choice.

There you go, you can now have your old Android tablet turn into a smart display with these easy steps mentioned above.



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