How To Turn Off Flash Notification

Flash notification is an important part of some Android phones and iPhones. It means that your phone’s home screen will flash whenever you receive any notification on your phone, no matter from which application you get that. It will make you aware of the notification that you have received. Though it is a beneficial feature, you may think that you don’t need it. In that case, you can disable this notification by following few simple steps. Here we have mentioned how to turn off flash notifications on both your iPhone and Android.

Let’s start.

How to turn off flash notifications on an iPhone?

If you are willing to stop the flash notification on your iPhone as you don’t like it when your phone blinks every time you receive a notification, you can just simply turn it off. Here is how you can turn off flash notifications on your iPhone:

  • First, open the settings application on your iPhone to deactivate the flash alert.
  • Then, head to the general section of the settings and from there, go to the accessibility tab.
  • Here you will get an option of LED flash for alerts. All you need to do is toggle off the “LED flash for alerts” option.
  • You are now good to go, and your iPhone’s flash will not blink as and when you receive a new notification on your phone. The notifications will continue arriving, but there will be no flash.

How to turn off flash notifications on Android?

Not every Android phone has a flash notification option, but if you have one of those Android phones that come with a flash notification option, you will also have the option to turn it off. Turning off flash notifications is as simple on Android phones as on iPhones depending on which brand and software your Android phone belongs to. Here we have mentioned the common steps to turn off flash notifications on Android smartphones, but these steps may not match on every Android smartphone. In those cases, you will find some similar steps to follow. Here are the steps to follow to turn off flash notifications:

  • First, go to the settings option of your Android phone.
  • Now, tap on the accessibility tab.
  • Next, tap on hearing

Note– Smartphones belonging to some manufacturers can also have a flash notification option on the main accessibility screen. In that case, you will need to skip this step.

  • The flash notification option should appear automatically with the slider, but if it doesn’t, tap on the flash notification and you will be able to access the slider.
  • You can see two options on Android 7.0 and above: camera light and screen. Here, you will have to slide the slider off. You can turn off one or both by moving the sliders.
  • You are good to go

Ending words

Changing the settings of flash notifications is not that complex, and you can do it by following the simple steps mentioned above. Hope you have successfully turned off the flash notification on your phone.

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