Delete Swap Memory to make phone run faster

If you own a low to mid end android phone, you’ve probably wondered if there are ways to make your device run faster. In this article we will be looking at one such technique.

There is a Magisk Module called Swap Torpedo which can potentially make your android device run faster. It achieves this by eliminating the SWAP RAM (also known as the ZRAM).

Here are the detailed steps:

Unlocking the Bootloader

If you haven’t already unlocked the bootloader of your phone, the first step is to do so. We’ve already covered this topic for multiple devices but here’s the basic overview:

[Warning: Before you proceed, make sure you have a backup of all your important data.]

1. Enable the developer mode in your phone. For most phones you can easily do this by heading onto Settings > About Phone. Once there, scroll down to find ‘Build Number’. Tap on this several times and you will enable Developer mode.

2. In your PC, download and install the USB Driver for you phone. You can find the USB driver on the official website for your device.

3. In your PC, download the Android SDK platform tools. Click here to download.

Extract the zip file. Open the unzipped directory. While holding down the Shift key right click on the folder select ‘Open command window here’. Connect your phone to your PC via USB in ‘file transfer (MTP)’ mode.

Enter the following command on the Command Prompt window:

adb devices

You will be asked for a confirmation in your phone. Select the ‘Always allow’ option and click ok.

Re-enter this command:

adb devices

4. Reboot your phone in fastboot mode. To do this, turn off your phone and press the Power and Volume down button together for about 10 seconds.

5. Again, open the platform tools folder in your computer. While holding down the Shift key right click on the folder select ‘Open command window here’.

Enter the following command:

fastboot oem unlock

This code could be different depending on the device you’re using.

And viola! You’ve now unlocked the bootloader in your phone.

Installing Magisk & Flashing the Swap Torpedo Module

1. The next step is to install Magisk on your phone. You can download Magisk from here. Since Magisk isn’t available in the Google Playstore, you will need to allow sideloading to install the apk file.

2. Download the Swap Torpedo v1.2 Module on your phone. Click here to download.

3. Install the ‘RAM Truth’ app from the Google Playstore.

4. Open Magisk. Find the jig saw icon in the bottom right corner of Magisk and tap on it. Tap on the install from storage button at the top. Navigate to where you downloaded the Swap module and select it.

Magisk will now flash this module.

5. Reboot your phone. Open RAM Truth. If you see Swap = 0, this confirms that the process above worked successfully.

Hopefully your phone now runs faster.

The following video summarizes the process:

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


  1. Why would removing zram on a mediocre device improve performance? Wouldn’t you want some swap so you can have more than one app open?


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