Shut Down iPad Air 5

Apple’s 5th generation iPad Air doesn’t have any home button included and has a touch id on the power button. People usually use the home screen button for different features such as shutting down the phone, restarting it, forcing start, etc. But, with the lack of the home button, the techniques have become different for these iPads. Though a shutdown and restart can be done by using the same gesture, you can use the force restart if the regular restart doesn’t work, and in that case, you have to use a different gesture. It is different from those iPads that have the home button. If you are also confused about how to hard reset or shut down iPad Air 5, this article is for you. Today, we will discuss how you can do that. Go through the complete article to know the gestures.

How to Shut Down/Restart Your iPad Air 4 or 5

If you need to shut down or restart your iPad Air 4 or 5, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

First, you have to press and hold on the top power button, and with that, press + hold the volume up or volume down button until you can see the slider has appeared on your screen.

Now, when you have the slider on your screen, you have to slide a finger along the onscreen slider to turn off your iPad.

Now, as your iPad is turned off, press and hold on to the top power button again and keep holding it until you see the Apple logo appearing on your screen.

You can also turn off your iPad by following another method.

An alternative method to shut down iPad Air 5

Go to the settings app of your iPad Air 4 or 5

Now, navigate to the general

Here you will see the shut down option. Click on that, and your device will shut down

With the older iPads, which used to come with a home button, you could restart your device by pressing the home and the side button simultaneously. But, when it comes to iPad Air, you have to fully shut down your device and then power the tablet back up by using separate steps.

To Force Restart Your iPad Air 4 or 5

If you want to force restart your iPad Air 4 or 5, follow the steps mentioned below:

Press the volume up button once. Make sure to quickly release the button after pressing it.

As you did with the volume up button, quickly press and release the volume

down button.

Next, press + and hold the top power button until you can see a restart is initiated.

Your device will now be forced to shut down


All the gestures mentioned above are not only used in iPad Air 5 or 4, but these gestures are also applicable to iPad mini 6 and iPad Pro. You also can follow the same steps to shutdown and restart your iPhone without using the home button. In that case, you have to hold the side button on the right as the iPhone does not come with a top power button.

Hope your problem is solved and this article was helpful to you.

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