Venus Ransomware is Hitting Publicly Exposed RDP Connections

The cyberattack on Entrust infrastructure back in June this year is now claimed by the LockBit ransomware groupwhich set up a dedicated leak site to publish the stolen data of Entrust.

LockBit warned Entrust that it will leak by today’s evening(Aug) but didn’t mention what type of files they had. Up until now, Entrust hasn’t formally announced any ransomware attack but continues to say it’s investigating the incident.

Leaking Stolen Data of Entrust

Over the years, LockBit has grown to be one of the biggest names in the ransomware industry, as some of it’s victims include prominent companies and ransom demands in millions. Now, they’re preying on Entrust – a digital security company.

In June this year, Entrust started notifying it’s customers of a cyberattack incident on it’s infrastructure, which resulted in some data being stolen from their internal systems. While it didn’t explain much about the attack, it was suspected to be ransomware hit.

And when asked by BleepingComputer, Entrust skipped the matter, saying all their operations and systems are uninterrupted and will reveal more after the investigation ends. But, with the tip of Vitali Kremez, BleepingComputer determined this as a ransomware incident in July.

“There is no indication to date that the issue has affected the operation or security of our products and services, which are run in separate, air-gapped environments from our internal systems and are fully operational.”

But now, a security researcher named Dominic Alvieri has confirmed that it was a ransomware attack, pointing at LockBit as the perpetrator. The ransomware group has set up a dedicated site for leaking the stolen data of Entrust by today evening.

With the group’s notorious past and the authenticity of leaks, we can now see Entrust as the latest official victim. Entrust hasn’t declared that it was hit by ransomware yet.

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