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In order to stop users from sharing their streaming accounts, Netflix has introduced a new section called “Manage Access and Devices”, where users can see who is using their Netflix account and kick them out.

Revealing this in a blog post, Netflix said it will show which device is connected to your account, which profile is watching, and their location. All these are accompanied by a sign-out button aside, which you may use to block them from using your account.

Managing Netflix Accounts

Netflix is adding a new section called Manage Access and Devices to it’s web, iOS, and Android apps, that’ll let you cut off people who you don’t want to share your account with. Announcing this today, the platform said you could see who’s sharing your account by their profile, location, and their last streamed time.

And if you don’t feel a certain person should be included, you can cut him off with a “sign out” button attached to their profile. This is extremely helpful in realizing who’s using your account and managing access to them.

Though Netflix mentioned vague reasons for this feature’s introduction, it’s clearly evident that it wants users to stop sharing accounts with unknown (or lesser-known) people. As it is set to crack down on password sharing, the company has released a number of features and plans to monetize this practice.

Some among them are the tools like Profile Transfer, an ad-tier plan, and a special plan for sharing accounts for a slightly higher price. All these hints show that the company is trying vigorously to stop this account sharing or better monetize it.

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