Overheating Issue Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Resolve Overheating Issue Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Here are few solutions that will help on the off chance that you are confronting an overheating heating issue on The Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


1. Begin with a basic reboot in the event that you are encountering an overheating issue on your smartphone. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, abandon it for couple of minutes, and after that switch on back the Galaxy Note smartphone.


2. Turn off your smartphone, and after that take out the battery and SD-card in the event that you utilize one. A few people have reported that the overheating issue is just happening with a particular SD-card, so you can have a go at utilizing an alternate SD-card, or basically don’t re-embed the SD-card on your smartphone by any means. Rather, simply set the battery back in and check whether it has any effect.


3. The overheating issue may likewise be happening a direct result of a particular application. You can uninstall the applications one by one to discover which one is the offender, or you can play out a factory reset.


Download CPU Temperature

At that point explore to application manager then to your downloaded applications.

After you force close/uninstalled each application, check the temperature to check whether it diminishes by a noteworthy sum.

Wipe system cache partition. Take after these strides:


Turn off your Galaxy Note 3

Hold the Volume up +home+ power buttons together.

At the point when the screen shows up, let go of the power button, yet continue squeezing and holding the volume up and home buttons

Let go both buttons when the Recovery screen shows up

Utilize the volume down button to highlight the “wipe cache partition”

Press the Power button to choose

After you have played out the Wipe Cache partition, just select “Reboot system now”



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