Pixel 4 and 4 XL Users Report Strange Battery Issues
Pixel 4 and 4 XL Users Report Strange Battery Issues

Being first in line may get you the deal early, but it also increases the risk of getting a defective good/service. Having a bad day like this is are the Pixel 4 and 4XL users, who are reporting battery issues even after updating the Android 11. The reports include rapid discharging of the battery and eventually causing sudden shutdowns.

Pixel 4 / 4XL Users Report Strange Battery Problems

Google’s Pixel handsets are often praised for their simplicity in design and display capabilities. Also, it has the reservation of receiving the latest Android updates, and the ability to take some really good pictures with just one or two lenses! While these being good, several users of the Pixel’s 4 and 4XL are reporting strange battery issues.

While users have been reporting this since months, they all related this to a software bug and hoped for ending this problem with the Android 11 update. But, they turned out wrong. The Android 11 update has bought no fix to their battery problems, but instead added few more to it! As reported by Android Police who’ve seen from various complaints, the issue in battery discharging isn’t related to one specific problem.

Users report that the battery indicator sometimes gets stuck at 50% and even discharges the battery rapidly. This eventually causes the sudden shut down of the phone, if the user isn’t aware. Another typical report says the battery indicator displaying a “question mark” instead of the current charge!

While the issue is replicating among several users in various ways, some people suggested applying firm pressure on Google’s “G” logo on the rear panel corrects this mistake, somehow! This hints that problem lies in the inner circuit, something like the lack of brackets or a loose battery cable.

An employee from uBreakiFix taking to Android Police said that battery problems like these are common. Thus, you may try requesting an RMA for replacing the device if not living nearby to an uBreakiFix centre.

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