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Screen recording on Laptops and Computers is becoming more of a necessity than a trend. Not only streamers and gamers are utilizing it to make videos, but it is also being utilized for recording important lectures and live online educational videos by students. In such a case, where one is not earning from using the screen recorder, it seems unjust to charge them hefty prices for the service. Various screen recorder apps available on app stores are either of low quality or charge the users some amount for providing quality services.

IObit Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder free app for desktops. The app offers HD quality recording so that the videos produced are more life-like and seem natural. It ensures that the quality of the video is not compromised, which is something most of the screen recorder online cannot promise.

Advantages of IObit screen recorder

IObit Screen Recorder has become a popular screen recorder free app within the first few months of its launch due to various factors. Firstly, it offers so many features that even paid apps fail to provide. Moreover, it is highly sorted and has an amazingly simple, user-friendly interface which permits almost everyone to create professional-level videos. It is the best tool to record on PCs that can be used anytime as a screen recorder online.

If you are an upcoming YouTuber or gamer planning to stream online or making gaming videos and do not wish to invest into setup, you can surely consider this amazing screen recorder free desktop app. Moreover, it doesn’t use up too much of memory and CPU thus, ensuring that you get an extremely smooth recording or streaming experience. It also permits you to easily remove the watermark. It has amazing features such as webcam overlay to the video so that your streaming is easier.

One of the best things about this screen recorder app is the fact that it is completely free. The following are the features you can get with this screen recorder free app.

Screen recorder online


  • It supports full-screen recording in HD quality.
  • It has an added webcam overlay feature to the video.
  • It comes with an improved UI and can support high-resolution display devices up to 4K.
  • It has an intelligent setting that hides floating toolbar during recording so that you do not require to make much edits.
  • You can also edit your videos from this free screen recording software.
  • Also, you can directly upload videos from the software to online video platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram.
  • There is absolutely no time-limit in this screen recorder permitting you to easily record or stream lectures, seminars, or games for long hours without any difficulty!
  • The app supports around 33 languages which make it the user experience even better.

The developers of this app have clearly given a stiff competition to most of the conventional screen recorders available. With regular updates, the app constantly strives to quickly fix any bugs if found. It also keeps on making its screen recording more accurate so as to minimize even slight chances of sound lagging issue.

Our review experts have found IObit Screen Recorder free app to be highly efficient and easy to use. It is available for all devices and is specially designed for PCs, Laptops and Computers. The basic requirements for using the app on your desktop includes having either Win 10, Win 8, Win 7 or Vista.

Final verdict

This screen recording software can record both audio and video in high quality and can be used to record almost anything on the screen. It can easily be used for recording lectures and seminars on Zoom or Google Meet. It permits basic editing and easy uploading of the videos to various platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Even though it is free, it beats most of the paid screen recorder apps when it comes to quality and features. You can surely trust this app for professional use.

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