WhatsApp Chat Transfer

The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp, which is used by billions of people worldwide, is making it easier for users to switch between Android and iOS. The feature announced earlier and has been in beta for quite some time is now available officially for all users using the main app. WhatsApp officially released a chat transfer feature that will let users transfer their chat from Android to iOS.

The feature also makes it easier for users to switch from Android to iOS and move all their chats easily to the new platform. The meta-owned app announced the availability of the feature via it’s Twitter profile.

The feature is similar to the chat transfer from iOS to Android. To use this feature both the device needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network or the Android device should be connected with the iOS hotspot network. Also, download the Move to iOS app from the play store on your Android device and your iPhone must be a new one or it should be on a reset to factory settings so that it can pair with the Android device via the Move to iOS app.

For Android users, it is compulsory that your device must be on Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher as this feature will not work for Android devices below the 5.0 version. WhatsApp also shared the complete guide about this feature on it’s FAQs page, which you can read to get a complete idea.

With this feature, you can transfer all of your WhatsApp data from Android to iOS. The data include complete chat history, account information, all of your individual and group chats, profile photos, media, and even settings of your account. However, the user’s call history and display name will not transfer to iOS with this feature. To use this feature you also need to have an updated WhatsApp version on both devices.

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