The short-form video creation app, TikTok is updating it’s closed caption option with the latest update. The close caption feature which the app introduced in 2021 comes with a major drawback that many users have complained about. Now, the developers have finally listened to the users and they are bringing a major change in the app’s closed caption or auto-generated caption option.

Previously, the feature works when the creator turns on the closed caption option before posting the video. If the creator forgets to turn on the caption option before posting the video and then there is no way to turn the captions on that video. There is only one way and that is the creator first needs to delete the video and then turn on the captions and then again he has to post the video. This means that the caption’s availability is only dependent if the creators allow it in their videos. This sometimes becomes very problematic and painful for deaf users and people with hearing problems.

Now, TikTok has decided to update it’s closed caption feature. With the new update, users have the option to turn on the closed caption feature on any video they want. The creator’s permission is not required with the update now.

In addition to that, TikTok is also adding a new translation tool, descriptions, and text stickers for the closed caption feature which will allow users to translate any closed captions into their desired language. The translation tool for captions and descriptions is very useful for the users to translate text into their own language. Previously, user’s have to use a third-party translation tool to translate the captions on videos that are outside of their own language.

The company said in a statement, “Through these efforts, global content will become more accessible regardless of the language(s) you speak and where you are in the world.”

As of now, there are only a handful of languages which are available for translation tools. These languages are English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and Turkish. The feature will be available to more users globally and more languages will be added soon as per the company.

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