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Microsoft Xbox streaming stick and TV app may launch in the next 12 months as per new reports and rumors. The streaming stick which might be similar to the Amazon Fire TV stick allows users to access TV series, movies, and games via Xbox Game Pass ultimate.

As per this latest report, Microsoft is working with Samsung to develop an Xbox game streaming TV app for Samsung TVs. The news about the streaming stick and tv app comes a few days after the company said that Xbox cloud gaming users can now play Fortnite on their Android, Windows, and iOS devices for free of cost.

As per the online publisher VentureBeat (GamesBeat), this streaming stick will look similar to the Amazon Fire TV stick or like a Roku TV puck. The stick works similarly to Amazon Fire TV and allows users to access a library of Movies, TV series, and Games via Xbox game pass ultimate.

Additionally, the Windows maker has also announced that they are working on a TV app in partnership with South Korean Electronics Giant Samsung. The TV app is for Samsung smart TVs and will allow users to gain access to Movies, TV Series, and Games via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate similar to the streaming stick. After delaying the launch for both these things, now the company announced that both the streaming stick and TV app will launch in the next 12 months.

With the launch of these two, the company intends to bring more users into it’s Xbox gaming ecosystem. It is also worth mentioning that users can download Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other OTT and streaming apps on Xbox consoles. With the launch of these two, Microsoft wants to bring more gamers and users to its Xbox ecosystem.

In recent news, Microsoft in partnership with game developer Epic announced that users can now play Fortnite on Windows, Android, and iOS devices free of cost using Xbox Cloud gaming. This step will also allow users to stream Fortnite online using their browser just like Netflix without any worry of system hardware requirements.

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