Google Rolls Out Android 13 Beta 4 Update to Eligible Pixel Phones

Google released the third beta version of Android 13 yesterday, where it is seen warning the users about older apps seeking media file permissions.

As we know that Google wants apps to seek individual permissions to specific media file types, any apps that aren’t able to split such permissions but still seek one-for-all access will have a system warning displayed to users before granting the access. This may make users rethink trusting such apps.

Seeking Access to Specific Media File Types

One of Android 13’s take on securing users’ data on the device is by dividing the different media files and forcing apps to seek specific permissions for each. Previously, this was supposedly a vague process, letting apps seek single permission for all media file types.

But since there’s a lot of fraud happening with malicious apps seeking irrelevant permissions, Google thought of cutting it by letting users decide what permissions to be granted. Well, this works only for apps that target new Android versions, with the older apps still seeking one permission for all.

Since they’re harmful, Google decided to warn users with a popup that granting one access to such apps may let them access all other media types too, so users may rethink while granting permissions. This warning appears for old Android apps that can’t split the permissions for individual media file types.

This was seen in the Android 13 Beta 3 version released yesterday, where Esper’s Mishaal Rahman shared a screenshot of how this would work. With a stable Android 13 version scheduled for later this year, we may have this feature refined in one more beta update coming soon.

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