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Here in the HowTo category you”ll find solutions here for faulty electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

Install Fortnite On Your Android Mobile

How To Install Fortnite On Your Android Mobile

Fortnite the epic game is finally launched for Android users. Fortnite is a shooter survival game which was launched by Epic Games for IOS users in the year 2017. Soon after its...
Android 6.0.1 problems

How to fix Android Marshmallow Stability issues

One of the most popular versions of the Android Operating System is the Marshmallow. The interesting name and latest features of Marshmallow attracted a number of users. It was used in...
how can you add multiple faces to face id

How to Register Multiple Face ID Faces In your iOS 12

The iOS 12 upgrade came with an interesting feature that lets you add an alternate face to your smartphone. Once registered and activated both faces can be used to access your...
iPhone X screen won’t turn off

How To Fix iPhone X Screen Not Turning Off

In recent times, Apple has handled many hardware and software problems for iPhone X. Although Apple has said that the many problems can be resolved by updating the iPhone X operating...
how to use Screen Time iOS 12

How to Use Apple Screen Time In iOS 12

The iOS 12 Screen Time feature has been developed to offer to its users the information on how they have been using their iPad and iPhone. From the frequency at which...
Safari keeps crashing on Mac

How to Fix Safari Crashing issue on MacBook

Browsing on Safari is fun, and it happens to be a built-in app in Apple’s Mac range of computers. Apple has always kept it updated with regular upgrades and fixes, but...
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Wirelessly Charge Other Devices

How To Use Huawei Mate 20 Pro To Wirelessly Charge Other Devices

Wireless charging isn’t an uncommon feature these days. However, having a phone that not only can be charged wirelessly but also charges other phones wirelessly is something that is new and...
Siri Shortcuts iOS 12

How to Create Siri Shortcuts In iOS 12

Shortcuts make our work easier and less time-consuming. With iOS 12 you can have several shortcuts that Siri will open for you – all you need to do is say the...
How to Stream Free Movies From The Library of Congress

How to Stream Free Movies From The Library of Congress

Most websites that promise good quality movies for free don’t always deliver what they say. If you are looking for an old movie which you would like to see then visit...
address iPhone XS charging problems

How to Fix iPhone XS Charging Problems

Some iPhone XS users seem to be facing problems while charging their phones. They complained that their phones did not charge when they plugged in their phones to the charging cable...