Playing League of Legends is all about having fun and showing respect to your teammates. But did you know that Riot Games rewards players who have a positive attitude and good behavior in the game? That’s where the Honor level system comes in.

In this article, we’ll explain what Honor level is and how it works in League of Legends. We’ll also share tips on increasing your Honor level so you can earn exclusive rewards.

Get ready to learn about the importance of being an honorable summoner on the Rift! We’ll cover everything from the basics of Honor level to the special rewards you can unlock at the highest tiers.

LoL Honor Level: Everything to KnowWhat Is Honor Level?

Honor level is a system in League of Legends that rewards players for having a positive attitude and good behavior. The more honorable you are in your games, the higher your Honor level will rise.

Every player starts at Honor level 2 at the beginning of each new season. As you play games without causing problems for your team, your Honor level will increase through checkpoints until you reach the maximum level of 5.

Being a positive teammate who doesn’t rage, flame, or intentionally lose games on purpose is the way to climb the Honor levels. It’s Riot’s way of incentivizing good sportsmanship in League of Legends matches.

LoL Honor Level: Everything to KnowHow to Increase Your Honor Level

The key to climbing the Honor levels is being a positive force on your team and in the game. Here are some tips:

Don’t Be Toxic or Flame Teammates, raging, insulting, or flaming your allies is the fastest way to hurt your Honor progress. Stay calm, be a good teammate, and never use offensive language in chat or voice comms. Even if others are toxic, don’t retaliate.

Be a Leader, take the initiative to make smart calls about objectives, strategy, and shots. Calmly guide your team by pinging locations and offering friendly advice. A leader who stays positive and keeps everyone focused goes a long way.

Carry Your Way to Victory, while you can’t win every game, consistently playing well, getting S in your games, and carrying hard when possible will earn respect from teammates. The more matches you dominate and secure victories, the more likely allies are to Honor you afterwards for your leadership.

Stay Consistent, Increasing your Honor level takes time, so stick with it. As long as you avoid toxicity and play to the best of your ability each game, your level will steadily rise through the checkpoints all the way to 5.

LoL Honor Level: Everything to KnowHonor Level 5 Rewards

Reaching the peak of good behavior in Honor Level 5 unlocks the most exclusive rewards for players. These are items that can only be obtained by the most positive and respectful summoners on the Rift.

Level 5 players earn the rarest badges and profile icons that showcase their achievement of being a consistently awesome teammate. And most coveted of all – the Honor Level 5 Exclusive Skin!

Three Honors Akshan, this skin is one of the most exclusive to obtain in all of League. Only the truly honorable summoners who reach the maximum Honor level 5 will receive this amazing Three Honors Akshan cosmetic.

With its unique model, animations, and special effects, this skin celebrates players who exemplify great sportsmanship and leadership in every game they play. It’s an ultra-rare reward that separates the positive elite from the rest.


The Honor level system is Riot’s way of encouraging positive play and sportsmanship in League of Legends. By rewarding honorable behavior with exclusive skins and other cosmetics, it incentivizes players to be good teammates and leaders in their games.

The path to maximum Honor may be difficult, but it’s a worthy challenge that helps reduce toxicity while making the game more fun for everyone involved. Strive for that level 5 mountaintop – the exclusive loot and satisfaction of being a fundamentally good teammate awaits those who make the climb.


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