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Here in the HowTo category you”ll find solutions here for faulty electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

battlefield 2042 breakthrough not working

Fix: Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough not Working Error

Battlefield 2042 has finally been released, but players have encountered many bugs and glitches, including the Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough not working error. The "Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough not working error code usually...
How To Cancel An Order On The Wish App

How To Cancel An Order On Wish App

While some users still doubt its legitimacy and buyer policy, the wish app is one of the most famous e-commerce platforms. You should know that the application is 100% valid and...
Install Rosetta

How To Check If Rosetta Is Installed On Your Apple Silicon Mac

Rosetta 2 was first introduced as a component present on macOS Big Sur in the year 2020. It's basically an emulator that Apple designed to bridge the transition between Intel and...
Fix Duolingo App Microphone Not Working

How To Fix Duolingo App Microphone Not Working On Android 12

If it is about learning any foreign language, there is no better app than Duolingo. This app allows users to learn more than 30 foreign languages efficiently so that they can...
delete someone from the messenger

How to delete someone from messenger

Sometimes Facebook and messenger operate differently though they use the same account. Regardless of the messenger being used the users can perform several operations that make the best use of the...
How to Check Screen Time on Your Android device

How to Check Screen Time on Your Android device?

As parents, we are always concerned about the well-being of our children. Kids these days spend a lot of time on smartphones. Understanding this concern of all the parents, Android has...
how to move apps to SD card in nougat

How To Move Apps To Your SD Card On Android

It's always important to ensure that your phone’s internal memory is enough to offer a great performance. And this is why the manufacturers suggest saving the apps in the SD card....
Wallpaper Engine Not Working

How To Fix Wallpaper Engine Not Working On Second Monitor

Is your Wallpaper Engine failing on the second input? You must have tried to roll back the drivers, uninstall, reinstall, etc. Still no success. Don't worry; we are here to help...
Set Up Your iPhone 13 Using Quick Start

How To Set Up Your iPhone 13 Using Quick Start

After getting a new iPhone, one of the most important points is transferring everything from your old phone. There is a special feature that Apple has to offer to ease this...
Whatsapp Web Not Syncing

How To Fix Whatsapp Web Not Syncing

WhatsApp offers an interesting feature known as WhatsApp Web, now known as Linked Devices, to it's users where it allows them to sync their phone to a laptop or computer and...