Twitter Bans Live Location Sharing of Others

In his latest meeting with the remaining employees, Twitter CEO Elon Musk clarified a number of questions the people had and detailed the future roadmap of Twitter.

Some of these include not relaunching the new Blue subscription until the end of this month, hiring new people for the remaining roles, and thoughts of moving Twitter’s HQ to Texas, similar to Tesla’s.

Hiring at Twitter

Ever since he acquired Twitter, Elon Musk has been controversial at every stage of it’s development. He fired around half of Twitter’s workforce, revamped the Blue subscription to let anyone have a verified badge on payment, and others.

Most of these have triggered harsh criticism, especially the ability to pluck a verified badge by a regular user – which affected several celebrities, companies, and even government officials. This led Musk to shelve the project for a while and it may come at the end of this month.

He revealed this in the latest meeting with his remaining Twitter employees, where Musk noted to reinstate the new Blue subscription when the company feels confident enough to fight impersonation attacks.

And after asking the remaining employees to commit to “extremely hardcore” working at Twitter, Musk said he’ll prioritize hiring new people with a great ability to write software.

“[i]n terms of critical hires, people who are great at writing software are the highest priority.”

Further, when asked by employees about Twitter’s HQ status – like it’ll be moved to Texas similar to Tesla’s – Musk said he has no plans of such yet. Although it’s reasonable for Twitter to have two headquarters.

And finally, regarding the internal workings, Musk stated that Twitter “must represent people with a wide array of views even if we disagree with those views”. All these are noted by The Verge, which claims to have partially heard the said meeting.

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