How To Resolve Email Syncing Problem Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Resolve Email Syncing Problem Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Here are few solutions that will help on the off chance that you are confronting an email syncing issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


1. Pull down the notif shade and tap the extend symbol, which will show up at the upper right. Go to Quick Settings and ensure that the Sync symbol is flipped on. If not, turn it on.


2. Ensure that the Power-Saving alternative in Quick Settings is killed.


3. Open the email application on your Galaxy Note 3 and go to Menu > Settings > Account Settings > More Settings and verify whether everything is set accurately and to your preferring.


4. It is best to erase your email account and restart you’re Samsung Galaxy Note 3, then arrange your email account at the end of the day by entering the points of interest. To erase your email account, go to Menu > Settings > General > Accounts > E-mail and after that pick your record. Presently tap on Remove Account.

5. Another way you could attempt to understand the email synchronizing issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is by killing the phone, then remove the battery from the phone and set it back once more. To begin with, press and hold the Home keys and Volume Up keys and after that press and hold the Power keys. At the point when the phone begins vibrating let go of the Power keys, and you will see the Android system recovery menu. Utilizing Volume Up and Down keys highlight Wipe Cache and select it utilizing Power keys.

There you go ladies and gents.

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