Gmail Spam Filters Will Soon be Removed to Allow Political Emails

Google’s proposal for letting politicians send bulk emails to it’s Gmail users has been accepted by the Federal Election Commission.

This will let Google effectively remove spam filters for the incoming emails from registered political candidates, which may be annoying at times. Although, Google lets users unsubscribe to these emails on a sender-by-sender basis.

Removing Spam Filter For Political Emails

One of the best features that Gmail can boast when compared to other email clients is it’s advanced spam filtering. Google uses AI to differentiate the types of emails you receive and categorize them accordingly.

While it’s capable of doing much more, Google is seen exploiting Gmail by removing the spam filters for incoming political emails. As per the approved draft ruling by Federal Election Commission (FEC), Google will be allowed to let emails from registered political candidates pass into it’s users’ inboxes.

Talking about this, Google said it’d start a pilot program of this in January next year and will monitor feedback from the community. Also, the intention of this program is to;

“Assess alternative ways of addressing concerns from bulk senders, while giving users clear controls over their inboxes to minimize unwanted email.”

Expecting such emails could be annoying, Google offers an easy way for users to opt out of them. But, this could only be done on a sender-by-sender basis and not from the program as a whole.

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